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Why do U like Where you live?


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I was just wondering.. why do U guys like the place where U reside?? what are the great things about your city/town/district/farm/streetcorner..whatever...

I like Hamilton for soo many reasons! There is an amazing amount of wicked people in this city.. so many great little communities.

I like the Skydragon center, and pepper jacks!

I like that we have a city, but we also have so many trails and lots of places to enjoy nature.

..what about U guys?????

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Brantford has the Ford Plant which provides awesome live music for a very cheap price and allows me to byob my night. I love 2 Doors Down because of the great atmosphere and live music like SuperStack and Doug Fever. The best part about living in Brantford is living with a gorgeous blonde right across the street from the river. I love it here.

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We've been living for almost two years in a wee village half an hour south of Ottawa, and it's become Home. We passed through Toronto a couple of weekends back, which had been home for 12 years, and I got hit with a blast of culture shock. Here,

- you smile to people and they smile back;

- you can start walking and you're in a great swath of forest in minutes;

- the grocery store, the public school, the beer/liquor/hardware store, post office, and llama farm are all within five minutes' walking for all your daily needs;

- the Rideau River is five minutes away, where we can swim and drop in the canoe;

- the Gatineaus are only 40 minutes away;

- downtown is close, to see friends and get out to live music, etc.

- we can have big bonfires in our backyard, where we can also hang out our laundry without it ending up smelling like diesel exhaust;

- we get plowed more frequently in the winter than they do downtown (one of the few practical upshots of amalgamation);

- we wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds...

That's just off the top of my head.

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I live in Amsterdam. I could think of many, many reasons why.

1. I don't do drugs. seriously. I quit. Seriously.

2. The architecture is inspiring to say the least

3. laid back, cosmopolitan lifestyle. Life is quiet, still and very, very slow.

4. close proximity to the rest of Europe.

5. near water all the time.

6. dutch girls are hot

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I have a great view of the ocean and mountains, have a big backyard for bonfires and gardens that the dog can run around in, I have a great jamspace in my basement and I'm a two minute drive from downtown.

There are also a large number of excellent restaraunts in a town this small. That along with all of the parks and hiking places within a 10 minute drive of the city(even though I can't enjoy them right now).

I also like the Cambie, for it's cracky charm and shitty beer.

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1. Live and work downtown in one of the world's most attractive urban destinations

2. I can fuck off and turn into a hermit and not feel like I'm missing out on anything

3. I see the mountains from my kitchen, can drive to them in 10 minutes or take a bus to get lost never to be seen again.

4. I can walk to the beach in less than 5 minutes...sorry...i can walk to 2 different beaches and parks in about 5 minutes, one of which is Stanley Park

5. I live in an old house in the midst of newer development, continuing the trend of me being just outside the norm in almost every facet of my existence.

6. I work 20 minutes from where I live on foot.

7. We get the best produce in the country in BC and eating world class cuisine is attainable albeit addictive.

8. Vancouver has a lot of new energy - it's a great place to network and get new initiatives up and running. If you think about building it you will meet people that will get onboard to help you put in home plate.

9. I can hit 3 pretty disc golf courses within a 20 minute drive or 45 minute bus from oneanother and that's just the 'vancouver' courses - and walk to little mountain in 10 minutes from my girlfriend's place

10. Bonfire Entertainment

11. Richard's on Richards (even with its mold infestation)

12. hawker's delight

13. Upstream Entertainment

14. the amazing friends I've made thus far

15. the personal growth I've had here is mindboggling and I don't feel I'd have been able to do it elsewhere

16. the view from my company's open concept penthouse office - the north shore, port, vancouver skyline, and Mt. Baker on a semi-clear day

17. 3 grocery stores, countless restaurants, and gads of shopping within a 5 block radius of my home.

18. all the friends that visit, new friends referred, and contacts rehashed since I've been here.

19. Commercial Drive in the summer

20 how the Art Gallery/Robson Square on Saturdays feels like recess in elementary school

21. my summer concert calendar so far and upcoming (sasquatch, jazzfest ($88 4 packs), hot buttered rum, bonfire festival, the masses and papa josh...and on)

22. Wheels, Deals, and Squeals.

23. the fact that I'm still not entirely satisfied and I live in the 3rd best city in the world (if you believe statistics), can pay my bills, have a beautiful girlfriend, amazing friends, have everything I need to satisfy my mind body and soul, and look damn fine.

that's right. you just read it.


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Chatham's cool... Water surrounds us to the north (lake st. clair) and to the south (lake erie)... little bays provide great fishing, boating, swimming, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing... and in the winter snowmobiling, ice-fishing and ice-sailing... sandy beaches provide great bonfires, stone collecting, chilling... wide open country provides great star gazing. Any given night in the summer you can catch countless shooting stars-- some of the craziest i've ever seen.. land on water is still super cheap... provincial and national parks are a short cruise away. detroit in all of it's music glory is 45 minutes down the road... country roads provide sweet cruises.. life is slow and enjoyed and simple... the area is rich with history - the battle of Tecumseh (1812) happened across the river from the downtown core, Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Underground railroad is 7 minutes away... we've got loads of beautifully restored historic buildings... the people are chilled out and down to earth, always happy to see you, always up for a good time. Life s'alright.

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19. Commercial Drive in the summer

Amen. I miss Vancouver!! Worth mentioning here is Cafe Calabria... the best little coffee shop in the world. I'd spend hours daily sitting outside of that place drinking latte after latte. I love Commercial! MMmm... and Thai Away Home... the cheapest lunch specials around!

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Port Elgin was a real rough start. I got up here in January and for the first two weeks it was not bad. Then it started to snow. Then it snowed some more. Low and behold it didn't ever really seem to stop. Growing up in Cape Breton I thought I knew a little bit about snow. I didn't, until I got here.

Now that the snow has melted the place is really starting to show its charm. The beaches are plentiful and really nice. People smile and say hello to you as you walk around. Tomorrow my wife and I are going camping at the Bruce Peninsula Park, just an hour and a half from me. My wife is amazing, 6 months pregnant and still wants to be out in the woods in a tent. Blows me away.

We've officially begun our house shopping and we're really excited by the possibilites the area has. The BIG downside is the distant we now have to travel to see the bands we like to see, but with the baby coming that likely won't matter much anyway.

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New job means I kinda live in Toronto, I kinda live in Montreal and I kinda live in Daytona Beach, which suits this gypsy girl just fine. I don't like to be bored and I've always moved a lot. I should be heading out to Alberta soon too. I like seeing new things and meeting new people. I learned to surf this week. (Yes in one week! The people showing me how didn't believe I've never done it, which I found flattering) I like all these places because they involve lots of Harley riding, raising money for a good cause, being with cool people and pushing yourself to the limit. I work hard and play hard.

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1. relatively laid back and friendly state of mind

2. plentiful green space in easy reach

3. short walking distance from many great restaurants

4. walking distance from BluesFest

5. BluesFest

6. live in short proximity to many of my friends

7. in the summer, women walk around wearing practically nothing

8. Works!

9. cool local music scene with cool people in it

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