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NHL Off-season 2007

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Guest Low Roller

Nobody is talking about Yashin getting his contract bought out?

I thought he was the "player of the future" for the Islanders. They are now going to pay him $2.2M per year for the next four seasons. My guess is that they want the cap room to keep Blake and Smyth.

Those massively long contracts don't look so sweet anymore, do they? I'm betting that Dipietro plays 8 seasons out of 15 year contract. Any takers?

So what other underachievers gets their contract bought out? Samsonov?

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Yup, Yashin was a cancer for the Islanders. Somehow I don't see him being great for any team in the league. Somebody should pick him up on a lark. Much like Lindros last year, he'll go for cheap. Either that, or he'll go back to Europe to play?

Shit, i wouldn't be surprised if the Leafs picked him up and finish even further down in the standings this year (Nik for 4million? come on!)

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Turtlenecks were standard hockey gear back in the 1880s. Wonder if Yashin could have played with these guys?


1880s Hockey Team Features

Skates were attached with small screws to boots, bought separately. The handles of sticks were rounded - later made rectangular for better grip. The players have bare hands as padded hockey gauntlets did not appear until 1904. Players sometimes used leather work gloves or mittens. Short shin pads, worn outside of stockings and held in place with leather buckled straps, were not worn by all players. Most Goal Tenders used cricket pads into the early 1900s as they would not be used otherwise through the winter months. Larger Ice Hockey Goal Tender Pads appeared around 1900. Most goal tenders used ordinary hockey stick until early 1900. Winnipeg Victorias used wider blade beginning in 1893, and, from review of photos, appear to have been first to do so. Heavy hand-knit turtle neck sweaters were the only form of body protection. Long trousers or over-the-knee jodhpurs were commonly used. Short trousers appeared of necessity around 1915 when knee pads were invented and began to be worn under long stockings.

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Guest Low Roller

TSN has posted a list of potential UFAs starting July 1st.

Not as expansive as last year, this free-agency period will probably result in some underachievers getting overpaid. Souray getting $5.5M a year is not unrealistic for example.

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Guest Low Roller

Moreso this year if you consider that Daniel Briere is probably the best UFA out there.

I hope that the Leafs sign Yashin to another 10 year contract.

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Guest Low Roller

As if the Sens won't throw the bank at him.

Should we start a betting pool as to where mercenaries like Anson Carter and Peter Bondra end up?

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We've been abused for so long ... yet we keep going back for more even though we know it's not getting any better.

They do have help groups for this I believe :)

At least there are other teams in the league that one can follow as well and live vicariously through.


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An interesting read.



Mike Comrie:

The Skinny: There were 351 Comments (95% negative) to my January 4th Blog entitled, "Comrie Makes Sens Cup Contenders"


Of course at the time, what could we really see of this? The Sens were struggling mightily before the new year, and everyone was expecting them to grab Petr Nedved, remember? If you recall, I wrote the Sens were going to grab him right up. It was a foregone conclusion, since I was told the Flyers put him on waivers at the Sens request...(which they did) Shockingly Nedved, who had gone through previous waivers quicker than Mexican water through a first time tourist, was snagged by the Oilers before the Sens could get him.

So they turned to Comrie.

"He wasn't a top six guy with us," a Phoenix source recently told me, "So who would have thought that he would be a top six guy with them. They had more depth than we did."

But Comrie is a misunderstood player...a child star in some ways like Eric Lindros, but healthier. Comrie came in and really made a difference. I felt on Jan 4 that he would finally be a good fit somewhere, and he really was.

Now, I am not in retrospect going to say that Comrie made them the contender they became. It was Alfie, Fisher, Volchenkov, Phillips, and Preissing that made the difference, and that is very clear. Alfredsson should have won the Conn Smythe still...If he hadn't have had that momentary lapse of reason in game four, I would have made a huge push for it. And I am not alone on that.

Comrie impressed me in the playoffs, because it was widely known that he was playing with a completely separated shoulder at the end. He wasn't as quick to point it out afterwards as Pronger was, but it is 100% true.

I also believe that the key point for the Sens getting by the Sabres was Comrie's hustle while sliding into the net and dislodging it in the final game. The Sens would have scored there and they would have forced another game. I really believe that.

Should they bring him back? Yes. not at the current $3M per, but at 2 - 2.5. And Comrie should take it, because even though he may find somewhere else that would give him an extra 100K, he is a good fit, and a full season with some of these guys will make him better.

Who else is interested?: To date, I have heard the Preds, Islanders, Caps, and Sharks have him on the radar.

Prediction: He does Return.

Dean McAmmond:

The Skinny: That blow to the head to Dean may have been the crushing blow in some ways to this series. Dean has been bounced around for various reasons, many unfair, and most having nothing to do with his on ice game. He is intelligent and his speed and competitiveness makes him a great third line guy in a playoff.

You may not know how very close he was to trying it in game 5. The first roster I saw for the Sens on Wednesday night, he was not a scratch. A few minutes later, just before gametime he was.

Should they bring him back? I absolutely would. There was something very special about this team this year, and Dean was, like it or not, instrumental in much of what went on.

Who else is interested?: So far I have heard the Caps and Hurricanes.

Prediction?: He comes back to the Sens

Tom Preissing :

The Skinny: Preissing proved he is a top four d-man in this league I believe. I like the way he never gives up on the puck and is always thinking transition. In the games I saw Preissing play, I never noticed him making a bad play.

Should they bring him back? I sure would, but it might get more costly than they think. The market for D is a little high. Not many guys in his tier 2 status...

Prediction: He is a Sen next year.

Key RFA's:

Ray Emery: He earned less than a million in this great run..Here's a really interesting one to contemplate. At first glance you would say, "Why the Hell woudn't they bring him back?" Well it is safe to say the Ray will take this team to arbitration and have some pretty fancy numbers to put behind his argument for a huge deal. Expect the Sens to come back with many of the "off the record" personal stuff that is widely speculated about in the Sens circles, but tales grow taller in the telling, so who knows? I do fear that an arbitration hearing could get all kinds of ugly. Even though chances aren't great that it happens, I would not be shocked AT ALL if Ray moves on if the Sens don't like the ruling.

Chris Kelly: While he may have been the biggest key to the game three win, he also was the reason that the Ducks scored the winner in four when he went WAY out of his way to make a hit that left the Sens vulnerable. He is a strong player who may become more valuable due to the Ducks winning the Cup. They are a tough and rumble team, and there aren't that many power forwards with Kelly's potential...I bet he signs just before going to arbitration with the Sens.

Oleg Saprykin: I remember how shocked we were when the big trade deadline deal for the Sens was Oleg. He really earned another contract I believe. He was a very solid depth guy and in Game 5 showed his Cup series experience when he made some nice plays that eventually started to turn the momentum and led to Alfie tying it. I think he stays.

Christopher Schubert: Very underrated, but really the perfect third line match with Saprykin. Schubert will have a very long and strong career. He will re-sign.


Scotty Gomez. I hear he really was taken by the energy of the fans in Ottawa. They will need to clear up some space.

What possible trades could they make?

I am hearing that the most likely candidate to be moved and clear cap space is Redden, and two teams Edmonton and San Jose are interested. My guess here is that Redden is dealt at the draft to the Oilers for picks.

I also would not be shocked if the Sens took a run at Manny Fernandez, If the Emery negotiations don't go well...

Other Rumours:

Well there is lots of talk that Muckler may be retiring and moving into a lesser role. There is a belief that Murray could move up, and a new coach be brought in. I have heard Randy Cunneyworth and Pat Burns names mentioned...we'll see.


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Alexei Yashin aimerait jouer à Montréal.

::waits for everyone to start laughing::

and then adds this point:

ANAHEIM -- Fresh off being dumped by the New York Islanders, Alexei Yashin wouldn't mind returning to Ottawa.

Senators general manager John Muckler can expect a call from Yashin's agent Mark Gandler after the Islanders bought the centre out of the final four years of his $26.4-million US contract.

While the Islanders will pay Yashin more than $17 million to get his salary off the books, Gandler predicted there will be teams lined up to sign the former New York captain.

"It's a new chapter and we'll be calling Ottawa for sure," Gandler told Sun Media. "That's not even a question. He had great stats last year. There won't even be a moment of hesitation involved if the Senators want to bring him back. He'd love to return to Ottawa, in fact."

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