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Oteil & The Peacemakers - July 9 - Toronto


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I am pleased to announce that legendary Allman Brother's bass player Oteil Burbridge will be coming to Toronto with his peacemakers.

Oteil & The Peacemakers

Monday July 9

The Courthouse (57 Adelaide E.)

Tickets are $22.50 on-sale this Saturday at 10am via TM, Rotate This and Soundscapes.

Oteil Burbridge is the Michael Jordan of the electric bass. His stellar improvisational skills and deft technical prowess have landed him his current seat in the bass chair of the legendary Allman Brothers Band. His ability to rock audiences worldwide, his jazz harmonic sensibility, gospel spirit and funky rhythmic grooves are fully on display in the Peacemakers.


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This will be cool.

On an Oteil note, I had the chance to witness something I had never seen before at an Allmans show (which for me is huge) this year at the Beacon. Because of the length of the run at the Beacon, the Allmans seem to let everybody in the band stretch out a little more in terms of individual artistic endevour. So this year at the first of the 2 shows I saw, right before the set break everyone leaves the stage but Oteil, Derek and Marc. Derek puts on a bass, and Marc gets behind Butch's kit. They launch into what I'm guessing was an Oteil original, with Oteil playing lead bass, Derek supporting him on 'rhythm' bass, and Marc drums. At first people started to get up and head for the washrooms/beer stands, but as they play, fewer people leave and the crowd quiets down. It started out simply enough, but as they progressed, Oteil really started to let loose, playing some of the best solo bass I've ever seen him do. They played for at least 10 minutes with just the 3 of them, then each person slowly either exited the stage or switched instruments. At one point Oteil moved to Butch's drum set ushered in a short drum solo with Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes sitting in on Jaimoe's kit.

Anyway, Oteil's bass playing is one of the more important elements, I think, in terms of the Allmans sound, and I will for sure be catching him here in Toronto with the Peacemakers.

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