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moe.down line-up finalized


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According to


moe. has finalized the lineup for the 8th annual moe.down festival:


Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

The Roots

Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood

Amos Lee

Meat Puppets


State Radio

Al and the Transamericans


Ryan Montbleau


Ra Ra Riot

Ha Ha the Moose

The Brakes

Uncle Earl


Acoustic Forum



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There was an article on jambase about a VietNam show during which the band pretty much imploded:

Out of nowhere, Grubb, who was barely playing his guitar at this point, dropped to one knee and started messing with his wires. He was obviously confused, but managed to hook a little hand-held Nintendo DS through his pick-ups and started rolling around on the stage pressing buttons and making noise. With Grubb on his belly things unraveled quickly. Gerner walked over and turned off Grubb's amp. Grubb turned it back on. Off, on. Off, on. Shit was getting really weird and it was clear the band was completely pissed off at Grubb. Somehow Gerner was able to keep the train rolling - dude was like a calm Buddha in the eye of the storm - but when Grubb got off the ground and tried to start playing guitar the whole thing imploded.

As the band basically performed as a three-piece, Grubb grabbed the mic and asked "This one's in 'E' right?" That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Foss dropped his drumsticks and walked off stage. Berko grabbed his guitar case and started packing up. All of this was going on as Gerner was playing guitar and Grubb played a sloppy melody. Realizing it was beyond repair, Gerner slid off stage, leaving Grubb to wallow in the mess he'd made. The house manager flashed his light and told the sound guy to kill it. Grubb sheepishly addressed the crowd: "I guess that's the end of the show," and walked off stage.

I don't know whether that makes me want to see/hear them, or stay far away from any stage on which they'll be playing.



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VIETNAM rock! check them out if you can. they are awesome guys -- i've hung out with them and while they weren't as "out there" as they sound like they were in that show review ... they definitely knew how to enjoy themselves.


amazing performers when i saw 'em. maybe that review was an "off" (or really "ON" ...something) night for them. ;)

here's an awesome clip of them playing live:

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