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Updated Hillside Line-up (caution greasy haired dude content)


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* Apostle of Hustle (Saturday)

* The Besnard Lakes

* Beolach (Sunday)

* Blackie & The Rodeo Kings

* Born Ruffians

* Basia Bulat

* Bebop Cowboys

* Birds of Wales

* Chumbawamba Acoustic (Friday)

* The Dears (Saturday)

* Ani DiFranco (Sunday)

* Angela Desveaux

* Do Make Say Think (Saturday)

* The D'urbervilles

* Danielle Duval

* Dya Singh (plus Bhangra + Puppets)

* Alejandro Escovedo

* Melissa Ferrick

* Forest City Lovers

* Eliza Gilkyson

* Habitat

* Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (Saturday)

* David Hickey

* Immaculate Machine (Saturday)

* In Flight Safety (Friday)

* Zaki Ibrahim

* Richard Laviolette

* Treasa Levasseur (Saturday)

* Los Campesinos

* Madviolet

* Jade McNelis (Saturday)

* Memphis (Saturday)

* Mihirangi

* Mother Mother

* Justin Nozuka

* Ohbijou (Sunday)

* The Overtones (Sunday)

* Ndidi Onukwulu

* Elvis Perkins (Sunday)

* Pat Robitaille

* Rock Plaza Central

* Ron Sexsmith

* Martin Sexton (Friday)

* Shad

* Mike Sharp

* Shout Out Out Out Out (Saturday)

* Tannis Slimmon, Jude Vadala & Katherine Wheatley

* The Slip (Saturday, there will be a short break after to clean up the grease stains left by Brad Barr)

* That 1 Guy

* Vieux Farka Toure (Sunday)

* Sam Turton

* Two Hours Traffic

* Jah Youssouf

Youth Bands

* Dance Hall Free For All

* Gorilla, My Love

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Great lineup, and nothing too too overwhelming like the last 2 years. Jade McNelis is amazing. (and with connections to the The Slip camp and the BSS camp, fwiw). Check out her MySpace page for some sweet tunes. Kung turned me on to her.

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besnard lakes will slowly take over canada in the next year

agreed! Mother Mother kicks some ass too. I'm going to see them at the Ford Plant next weekend. Alexis, it's up to Kat dude. She bought the tickets that I refuse to pay her for so they are in her hands.

I think the line-up is decent but that's about it. I was really disappointed with Ani closing the fest. Not because I don't dig any of her stuff but I've seen her way too many times and personally I don't care too much for political pseudo-lesbo folk rock. I would love to see Alejandro Escavado though.

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