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Ween 2007-06-09 available for download


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AWESOME pictures and thanks for the taping BradM.

Had a great time in Montreal walking from best patio to better patio on a glorious sunny day in fantastic company.

I know I met quite a few of you but after a whole day of Sangria,some hefty rye drinking and other treats it got pretty blurry towards the end.I do recall with clarity gardenspeaking with mooose and being delighted to meet meggo.

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my girlfriend went to the Dino Jr show after the Ween show, still saw about 15 songs.

Jordan, methinks you're thinking of Dino Jr. Would've been hard for Lou Barlow to play with both Sebadoh and Dino the same night. And Sebadoh's tour ended back in April I thought?

Wish I coulda been in Montreal on Saturday.

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thanks for the taping BradM.

You (and everybody else who's thanked me or complimented me on my efforts) are very welcome.

The recording's been available for about four days now, and (as of me typing this) has been downloaded over 3,500 times, and has been given two review comments, both with 5 stars out of 5, making it my most successful upload so far. :o

Happy taper, I am.



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