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Shoreline Festival Cancelled

Jay Funk Dawg

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As one of the Evolve festival organizers, I have been hearing many great bookings for this year's Shoreline festival... Joel Plaskett, Xavier Rudd even Ron Sexsmith, however in recent weeks I have been alarmed that they had still yet to announce their line up.

Anyways looks like they are pulling the plug on this year.

see: http://www.shorelinefestival.com/

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what happened last year?

IIRC, the festival was abruptly cancelled (after the Saturday night acts), and people were awakened by security at 8am on Sunday and told to leave. (Which is a nasty thing by itself: how many festival goers wouldn't be safe to drive at 8am on the Sunday of an all-weekend festival?) The organizer of the festival wasn't around, and was very quiet afterwards as to what happened; no refunds were issued.



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The organization worked many long hours to create what undoubtedly would have been the best edition of Shoreline to date.

marketing genius at its peak

reminds me of booche telling Douglas, "I almost bought you flowers"

I've got those from booche before. "You wouldn't believe what I wanted to get you, but I got you this instead"


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Sweet O!??

I for one think the awesome camp site at shoreline more then makes up for last year's fiasco. Plus a chance to visit Punk&margo's place...and the island is awesome, and that all you can eat seafood buffet...I'm still full from that dinner!

I'm really really peeved that there was no explanation about last year's shit storm (literally and figuratively), but even still i love pei and would have gone back this year if it wasn't for the arrival of my future nephew. (and now, the cancellation. Hopefully Ozmodiard survived the weekend...

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Lack of ticket sales because of last years bullshit HAS to be the reason.

It's tough to sell tickets when they never went on sale this year!

yeah, my bitterness has caused me to overlook the facts ;) Perhaps the bands they tried to book this year got wind of the bands from last year not getting paid.

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