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Ryan Adams Live Tonight


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"It's still too early to know whether it was the impact that killed him, or if it's the fact that he fell off the truck one block later and skidded through a nearby circus tent before crashing into a miniature car full of clowns that actually ended his life. I think it's only right you should know that he got a standing ovation and huge laughs from the circus audience, and the nurses tell me the costumed midget who got in the way is going to pull through."

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We listened to it at 9:00 PM on LOC.

There was no introduction or anything, it just went from whatever song they were playing right into the RA set.

Was it actually live last night or was it a replay from an earlier appearance in the Sirius Studios?

I am not that familiar with the new album and have only heard part of it but the vocals on a couple of songs were very rough. I guess he was doing that on purpose but I found his voice hard on the ears at times even though the music was great.

I know he played the first track off Easy Tiget "Goodnight Rose" which i really like.

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