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Opening night Rush setlist


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Set 1:

Video Intro

01. Limelight

02. Digital Man

03. Entre Nous

04. Mission

05. Freewill

06. The Main Monkey Business

07. The Larger Bowl

08. Secret Touch

09. Circumstances

10. Between The Wheels

11. Dreamline


Set 2:

Video Intro

12. Far Cry

13. Workin' Them Angels

14. Armor And Sword

15. Spindrift

16. The Way The Wind Blows

17. Subdivisions

18. Natural Science

19. Witch Hunt

20. MalNar

21. Drum Solo

22. Hope

23. Summertime Blues

24. The Spirit Of Radio

25. Tom Sawyer


26. One Little Victory

27. A Passage to Bangkok

28. YYZ

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