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Burning Eclipse


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This will be super cool to witness in the pitch black desert. Man, I cannot wait for this.


Monday night/Tuesday morning, something happens at Burning Man that has never happened in the whole history of Burning Man - a total lunar eclipse, visible in the skies over Black Rock City. Join us at 12 o'clock and trash fence for this magical event - we're lining up some amazing playa artists to provide the soundtrack as you dance under the stars.


I imagine this will stick as one of the great experiences of my life.

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feck the "u"! i don't know why, but that extra u you guys throw in words like flavor and color really drives me nuts! although, i really like using "eh" in a sentence. people over here always ask me if i'm canadian because of that.

when you canadians use spell check, do those words come up as misspelled or do you have a special canadian version of spell check?

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