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NHL Awards

Kanada Kev

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Wow, what a fun night last night. Got to rub elbows with countless NHL legends. Freakin' awesome!

Got a call as a seat-filler for the awards show at the Elgin Theatre last night. After waiting around in a holding pen for a couple of hours (with no food or drinks) the show finally began. I quickly chose to ditch my duties and proceeded to hang out on the floor with a couple guys I knew from CBC (head of security ). Got to say hi to Probert, Quinn, Alain Vigneault, Selke Jr., Shane Doan, Sittler, Gilmour, etc. as they passed by and waited to go back to their seats.

The show was entertaining and there were a number of good comical bits. The fact that a bunch of the winners weren't there was a bit of a let-down. Finger 11 suck, IMHO. Trews were solid as the house band.

After the show was over, I was able to get an all access pass through my security connection and we boarded one of the buses that was taking people to the After Party at the undisclosed location. The bus pulled up to the Carlu at College Park. WOW! Stylin' to the ninth degree. Walked into this beautiful facility to be greeted by a buffet table that was covered with all the trophies included Lord Stanley's too :)

Got down to eating some food and hitting the comp bars that were everywhere. In one room Finger 11 was doing a full set ... they still suck, IMHO. Lots of cool folks who were all very friendly. The women were spectacular!

Had a conversation with Gordie Johnson. Good guy. Mentioned to him that he a a bunch of fans on jambands.ca to which he nodded, smiled and said "Hi".

In the room that had the live music they had a second band play once Finger 11 was finished (they didn't finish sucking ... they still suck, IMHO). It was the Cummings/Bachman touring band, also known as the Carpet Frogs. They were a lot of fun and got people up on the dance floor. Those people being 100% women ... and hot!! I couldn't believe that there were no guys going up there to grove with them. We had just come back in from having a "smoke" and the tunes were sounding good. I, of course, had to go up there :) Nothing like dancing with about 20 women having a blast. It only took a couple of songs before the ones that were there with boyfriends/husbands/etc. all of a sudden had their men up there staking out their turf :) Good times.

Chatted with Probert at the bar on the way out. Nice guy. Couldn't imagine going toe to toe with him. Shook his hand and wondered how many punches he had made with it in his career.

I got a bunch of pictures, but their on my friend's camera. Hopefully I'll see him today, if he made it in to work , and I'll post them here.

Got home at 2am and had to be up again for 6am this morning. Haven't crashed yet ... we'll see how I feel in a few hours.

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Sounds awesome Kev! I only caught a minute of the show on TV, but did Ron McLean give away that Crosby was going to win the Hart (later in the night) when they were talking about the Art Ross?

"You'll have another speech later" or something like that?

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a combination of the following

* Finishing moves

* Chick Kick (Roundhouse kick)

* Stratusfaction (Springboard bulldog)

* Various Bulldog variations:

* Running Headlock Bulldog (2000)

* Wheelbarrow Bulldog (2003)

* Diving Bulldog (2002-2005)

* Signature moves

* StratusFear (Handstand frankensteiner to opponent in the corner) [5]

* Air Canada (Lou Thesz press with punches)

* MaTrish (The Matrix)

* MaTrish Reloaded / Whirlybird Headscissors (Handstand swinging headscissors)

* Stratus Splash (Stinger splash) [5]

* Backhand chop to opponent in corner (preceded by licking the palm of her hand)

* Combination headlock takeover and headscissors takedown on two opponents

* Victory roll

* Bicycle kick

* Spinebuster

* Top rope frankensteiner

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