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Mike and Sharon Got Married Dot Com


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Hyperbole aside while being biasedly induced, that was the best wedding I have ever been to and most likely the best I will ever witness. I am so proud to have Sharon as a part of my family, let alone being a dear friend and a gold heart to add as a notch. Both her and Mike did one another proud and I cherish being lucky enough to be related to two people that I will always die for.

True love found you in the end.

I love youse and us,




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'Your love is a boat. Just go on, enter loving more, tending, penetrating -- and the boat, of its own volition, will carry you to the other shore.'

Seeing you two in your happiness made life brighter for all of us. God is smiling about a great plan having come together.

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Hamilton, that is indeed Todd. He officiated the wedding ceremony and delivered a grandslam performance.


The Googly vest continues! Nice!

Did each eye ball get pollished? ;)

Wow guys! That was such a sweeeeet evening! Thankyou sooo much it was such an honour to be apart of your moment. You two are shining stars no doubts!

Dessy says thankyou too...so many new people to charm...he was in charmerific heaven.

May yous enjoy endless yummy cullinary designs in your future.

You guys rock love beautifully!

What a treat! :):):):):)

Love, love, love, love...the world loves your love!

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It was an honour to preside over such wonderful proceedings. 'Twas a great ceremony (if I do say so myself), and the train ride was a brilliant touch.

The reception was 100% deadly. The food was really quite unbelievable (though the dip had crack in it) and the band...one of the most fun Sisters sets ever. Bradm was tortured over every moment of bliss that went by untaped (which was all of them). The wedding set medley in the second set (Chicken Dance>Brown-Eyed Girl>YMCA>geez, what else did they throw in there?) was a sublime guessing game for pretty much everyone involved, and there was even a Donna Lee singalong featuring the happy couple.

Anyways, great times.

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