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Who has Outdoor Speakers?


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I've just got two plastic-case bookshelf speakers that have done the trick around my pool for the last few years. I also added a massive multi-horned speaker that used to hang from the rafters at Maple Leaf Gardens for a boost every now and then. Literally, i could broadcast to the neighbourhood with it (no low end though ... bummer). I'll try to find a pic when i get home :)

How close are your neighbours?

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I don't think that they make them anymore but if you can find them used/ebay, the Rock Solid by B&W is a great sounding outdoor speaker. Here are a couple of ebay links, fairly cheap:

Ebay Rock Solid 1

Rock Solid 2

The Paradigms are a solid bet as well for sure, they just came out with a rock style speaker that looks really substantial compared to the usual ones that you see. Didn't hear them though. Klipsch could be a good bet too, I'm pretty sure they have outdoor speakers.

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