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JUNE 30th World-jazz-funk BRAINFUDGE @ Silver Dollar

Jay Funk Dawg

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Don't miss this special long weekend world-jazz-funk jam party!

ComPosition Music & Communications & NuFunk.ca present

Silvergruv Saturdays



http://www.myspace.com/chrisbottomleymusic / http://www.highplainsdrifter.ca

Saturday, June 30

@ Silver Dollar Room

486 Spadina Ave.

Doors @ 9 pm, $10


About Chris Bottomley's Brainfudge:

Since its inception in 1990, it seems as though just about everybody who's anybody in Toronto's funky groove scene has been part of Chris Bottomley's Brainfudge at one time or another. From current members James Gray, Great Bob Scott, Steve Donald and Jim Bish to occasional guest players & alumni such as Rich Underhill, Bryden Baird, Chris Gartner, and Odel Johnson; the list goes on and on through dozens of the city's best improv groovers. The one constant is the man with the funky bass groove Chris Bottomley; who first made his mark on the Canadian musical consciousness over 20 years ago with much-loved underground rock/pop bands Tulpa and the Look People, and has been playing an incredible diversity of music from the heart ever since.

Funk, jazz, rock, reggae, ska, dub, African, worldbeat – it's all there in the Brainfudge sound, and it's all good. No two shows are remotely alike, such is the chemistry of the musicians who've been playing together for as long as two decades. It's always changing shape and form, yet always tight as the skin on the djembe drum that Bottomley loves to bust out. And when Brainfudge is in full flight, it's as groovy as Toronto gets.

Once again joining Brainfudge is one of our country's finest African-Canadian musicians Donné Roberts, whose pulsating mix of African soul & groove and European and North American rock, funk and blues guitar stylings make him a perfect new ingredient for "The Fudge". A member of the 2005 Juno Award-winning African Guitar Summit, Roberts released his own acclaimed CD 'Rhythm Was Born' in 2006 and will be touring across Canada with his band throughout 2007.

About High Plains Drifter:

High Plains Drifter is a rootsy funk-rock and world beat ensemble, whose dynamic live performances are captivating audiences across Canada. Like imagery evoked by the mysterious quality of a traveling vagabond, High Plains Drifter is a collective of musicians traveling town to town bringing the energy of celebration to audiences everywhere.

Leaning towards original roots, jazz, funk and world music, The High Plains Drifter is a groove force that keeps dancehalls packed and bodies in constant motion. High Plains Drifter draws inspiration from artists as diverse as James Brown, Herbie Hancock and Jimmy Buffet. The group, known for their unpredictable stage show, has enjoyed collaborations with a number of Canadian musicians including members of The Jimmy Swift Band, Slowcoaster, Wassabi Collective, The Chameleon Project & Slammin' Jack as well as young horn players, percussionists and turntablists.

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