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Roots On The Rails


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Anyone else heard of this? I just stumbled across it searching for something else. Seems pretty damn cool if you ask me. Unfortunately the price is way too much for my tastes. (The one below is the only I would be legally allowed to do)


Toronto to Vancouver with

Stephen Fearing, Colin Linden, Tom Wilson and friends TBA.

Nov. 9-13, 2007

$2689.00 CN per person OUCH!


North America's Moving Music Festival

There's something about music and trains that just goes together. The relentless rhythm of steel wheel against steel rail; the sense of leaving it all behind; the unfolding panorama of the North American landscape. From great cities to the lights of small towns, the majesty of the Rockies to the wide-open plains. Join us for one of our journeys - incredible music adventures on great trains with great music and great people.



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are those prices for real?

"Six payments of $798 for a solo, Ten payments of $898 for a couple!" that's $4800 for a single or $8900 for a couple?

wowser! for that price, i'd expect some pretty kick-ass food, my own sleeper car, and a chance to sit in with the bands.

their website claims $2689 per person, and you get exactly what you think...killer food, a great trip, and a chance to hang and jam with the bands.

i sooooo want to go, but jeebus that's a lot of money....

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