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BONFIRE 2007 adds 2nd stage & MORE!


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Official Release...


Hey good music people! With the amazing media attention, community support & ticket sales we've received in only 1 short month, the Bonfire Board of Directors made a decision last night to add a second stage, more interactive workshops and extra children's performances & activities to this year's Bonfire Music Festival.

The 'TROUBADOUR STAGE' will feature acoustic solo, duo & trio performances during the Main Stage set breaks... so there will be live music non-stop all day! We're going to use the existing Lions Park stage for these sets, which will be very intimate & up-close performances with some very fine musicians who didn't quite fit in with our Main Stage theme this year, but were very worthy of a spot on the 2007 bill nonetheless!

Some of the artists we're lining up for this stage include... but are certainly not limited to!

Ty West - www.tywest.ca

Kit & Tim - www.myspace.com/kitandtim

Papa Josh - www.myspace.com/papajoshmusic

Muffin Top - www.myspace.com/juniperwatters

Daniel & Richard Martin - www.myspace.com/danielmartinmusic

We are also working on much more interactive workshops this year, so you folks will have an opportunity to get closer to the musicians, meet & greet them and enjoy some of the musical knowledge they have to share with all of us... most notably aspiring musicians. Workshops will be held in the Lions Park Hall during the day so the numbers will be limited and those who get in will be able to get close and really soak it up. More of the musicians are offering many new & creative ideas to add to the overall feel of the festival every day, so we're gonna have to try and figure out which one's will work best. There's no way we'll be able to accommodate all the artist workshop requests, which is such an amazing feeling... these guys really want to give back!

Some of the workshops we're planning this year include...

"Making It Funky: How to put together the bomb live grooves"

"Everybody Can Improvise, but where do you start?"

Those are the only 2 that have been decided on thus far, but there'll be many more GREAT experiences for people to get into... I promise!

Finally, the Bonfire Team have been making arrangements with the folks at www.mothering.com to put together a whole lot of fun children's activities this year, including a theatrical production that the kids will be practicing through the first few days of the festival and performing sometime on Sunday afternoon.

There will also be more hula-hooping workshops, stilt walking, guitar for kids and more!

We're really working our tails off this year to make this the best Bonfire yet. When the Ruby Lake venue we used the first 2 years was no longer an option, we thought our run on the Sunshine Coast was over and we would have to move to Pemberton or Chilliwack or somewhere less desirable. However, many people from the local community called us and showed their love, their support & their desire to keep us right where this festival was born, belongs and would like to stay... PENDER HARBOUR! With the future development of Lions Park forging ahead, it is our hope that this little celebration of ours will have a long, rewarding & fruitful life... not only for us, but for everyone associated with the event & the local community.

Thank you all for getting behind us this year!

8 more weeks folks, and boy do we have something special in store for ya'll this year!!

Best regards!

Keither & the Bonfire Team

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