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It creates the possibility of a CD free universe... and don't forget all those trucks that run all those CD's to all those shops... you don't need that with the internet.

Same thing with the paperless office. It's possible to achieve it, and IMO the one thing that's really holding it back is habit.

Besides, the ability of 'instant' distribution is just too attractive to reneg on at this point. It might not produce instant dividends now, but in 50 years, it will be a different world. Hopefully a world that triumphs over the materiality of the 20th century of industry and corporations, and mindless flocks following the billboards.

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It creates the possibility of a CD free universe... and don't forget all those trucks that run all those CD's to all those shops... you don't need that with the internet.

But what if you burn your mp3s to CD? Less and less common I know. But it got me thinking... I would probably have hundreds of less CDs in my apartment if it weren't for all the live shows I've downloaded.

Not to mention all the mp3 players that are manufactured to house the data. Mp3 players that are becoming more and more disposable as prices go down.

I don't think "going digital" is going to cut down on the amount of physical products being produced. We will just produce different types of physical products to compliment the digital component.

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I can think of a ton of reasons why using mp3's are way more efficient, then c.d.'s.

First of all, as far as environmental benefits.

No more travel, shipping, or transportation involved. Everyone is saving millions of dollars each year. From the consumer, to the company making and selling the c.d.s. I'm sure if someone did the math the amount of c.d.'s being made overseas and being shipped around the world would easily fill a few of those huge boats up alone, per year. Then the trucks and trains bringing the c.d.'s from the port all over the country. The delivery trucks that take them to the stores, or ship them out again by air or trucks to other provinces or states. Not to mention the waisted time and energy of the people doing all the transporting, shipping and selling. Plus the amount of extra traffic and pollution from the buyers running to the mall every time a new c.d. comes out.

That alone would make a huge difference, cut the cost of getting c.d.'s on the shelf at least by half. I have no idea of actual stats, but I'd guess the amount of pollution, waisted fuels, electricity used, and the amount resources required to keep all the c.d. stores in ontario stocked all year. would be more then the whole city uses in a month.

Another big point is waste. I have probably thrown out over 500 c.d.'s in my life. There were times I would go threw a few new copies of the same c.d. when they would get scratched or old. They were never realistically designed to last or to be durable, if you sit one down on-top of the player its probably gonna get scratched. Also if you consider, the paper involved in the bill, and booklets, and plastic cases and warping. plus the shopping bag your saving. With mp3's its all no paper, pay online, online bill, no c.d. or cases. just down load and play. faster then you could even get you your car to drive to the mall. I'm sure most internet connections could get a whole album before and of us could drive to a mall. Plus the money you save on gas, The snack you didn't want buy saw and wanted at the mall, and the new shirt your gf made you buy.

I remember back when we could first burn c.d.s at home, I would make a new c.d. every-time i drove anywhere. most of the time one song i just wanted to hear on the way. i remember before my ipod having 30 - 50 un labeled c.d.s in my car, with one or 2 songs on them, that were played once then got scratched or lost.

We all know the biggest thing keeping c.d.'s on the shelves, is the ease of getting the music you want for free. it way to easy to find copy, share, and re post any song we ever wanted to find. I don't know many people who pay for mp3's. We constantly see law suits for piracy, and sites being shut down, I know a few people who lost there internet service for downloading protected music, and we can all see music stores are closing everywhere. Look at The famous Sam's The news report I watched about there closing said in Canada over the last 5 years c.d. sales dropped 70%. Thats a fact. There are alot less music stores around, and the places that do sell c.d.'s don't really specializes in just music any more. even then music wold in my area sells movie parafinalia, instruments and has more dvd then c.d.. Most people go to stores like future shop or best buy now to get music.

Its not a secret that music industry would want to mp3's and online music down, They have no way of making money of enforcing who gets there music. Clearly they know they would loose billions a year, and I'm sure they industry would suffer huge. I'll probably guess if c.d.'s were banned, and all music was online, they would loose at least half there revenue, From the producers, artists down to the mixing guy and studio tech.

I'm sure if there way a system in place to protect them. A way to protect the rights and make it harder to get the music for free, and the music industry was getting there cut, they would be all for it. if everyone was still making the same cut of each song, they would be stupid not to go mp3. By doing that all the money they saved on producing, manufacturing, shipping, and distributing the old c.d.'s would be money in there pocket. They could replace all the factories with one office full of computers and a good site.

I can't see how anyone or organization could make it so they were getting payed for there music online, I do not have alot o knowledge about the internet, but I'm sure that wouldn't be a easy task.

Another point, is that electronic music, and mp3s, also helps the technology world advance. If all our music was digital, then people would need computer to access it, computer sales would go up, forcing the computer companies to compete with cheeper and better computers. Also memory sales would go way up, from hard drives and memory cards would be the most popular ways to store or transport music. also Ipod and mp3s players would be the most used player and would force more competition and better quality products. All this is reusable, way more efficient, and is most cases can be used for other things too. MY ipod plays freaking movies now. They already sell car radios that have memory card drives instead of cds.

One of the best thing I find with mp3's and online music, would be the huge exposure to different music, things i would have never wanted to hear, bands i would have not gone to see, and good music at my finger tips. No that I can easily look up and hear a new band or person I never heard of, made a huge difference. I have gone to at least 50% more shows, all of bands I never heard of, or would have thought I would like. All because I could hear the music before, I wouldn't pay for a c.d. if I didn't like every song on it. Alot of people are going to more concerts, and supporting artists that they would have never heard of otherwise. Alot of smaller bands and unknown acts have gotten more exposer by there free music online, then they could have ever hoped for. There are countless times I've heard a song on the radio or tv that I liked, mostly artists I would never buy, but being able to get the one or 2 songs I like supports them, where i would never by a c.d.. My experience with Wassab over the last few tours and as more live shows were posted online for free. At least every night I hear people in the crowd or at the door saying the never saw the band of heard of them, but heard a few song online and decided to come.

I think the music industry should consider how they sell music and pay artists, and the entire process. Maybe just pay upfront for the songs from the artist, and then sell the music to the online sources for a flat rate. That would take care of them loosing money on individual sales. also That would cause the Places providing the online music to be responsible for getting there own money. If lime-wire payed $50g for the rights to sell a song up front, I" sure they would care alot more about getting $0.50 per download.

Also the computer companies, memory device manufactures, and map's player and all the other business that will benefit could make more effort to help stop people getting everything for free. If they relies they only have more to gain by helping secure online music and helping the record companies and people selling the music, it would revolutionize the whole industry. Ipod was thinking when they made it so you can't copy music from one ipod to another.

- cds don't work we'll in cars, and were never really designed to be played when there moving around. I remember c.d. Walkman would skip if you walked and didn't hold them. Most people listen to music in cars of when there not sitting still.

- They were never designed to last long, I've had a c.d. get scratched the first time i used it. I'm sure they could have made them better.

- There really big.

- There not cheep. even blank c.d.'s are around a buck.

- 1 good memory stick, or ipod could fit more cds then I could carry. They music can't get scratched, broke, stolen "as easily " I don't have to look threw a pile of cds to find the song i want. I can make playlists. I can order the ipod and get the music on line, and not leave my house. I could get at least 5 full cds online in less time then I could go to the mall, and since mp3's are alot less I'm probably paying less then half retail.

- I like alot of different artists, but not all there music. Every-time I look at cds, there is 1 song I like on each c.d.. Most people won;t buy a c.d. for one song, or all of them just for a few tunes. With mp's I can get 10 songs I want for the same price as one 10 song album. It can even be different artists.

- if you buy the music online, you can save it as any times as you want, copy it to any computer or ipod you have, make a c.d. copy if you really want. But you will always have mp3's you bought and they will always be the same and day 1. If you drop a c.d. and scratch it your fucked.

I'm going to stop but I could go on all night. Its not a secret that they music industry is the only one holding on. I'm surprised the computer industry and online music industry haven't just teamed up. Sam's closing is a huge eye opener. I would think by now the industry would accept the fact there never going to win, and relies they need to dramatically change the way they sell music. i think its going to become harder and harder for them to expect to get paid by sales of c.d., and people paying for "albums", or even making "royalties" or money after the song is out. They should think of ways of marketing music like a product, make a c.d., sell the rights to use it and sell it all in one shot. maybe just to one place, or a few. then let them worry about getting there money back. Pay everyone in one deal. the artist could get all the money the would have made over 50 years on the song in one day. I won't even get into how much that would motivate them to put out more music and get there name out. Also I'm sure the online industry who was paying up-font for the music, and selling it, would find a way to make free music and trading much harder. Defiantly if they are paying huge for the rights up front.

Its a very good topic and I've discussed this many times since I scratched my first c.d.. It really bugs me why the music industry doesn't just relies the old system if not going to work anymore. They must notice 70% less sales!

Heck I have more music rite now on my ipod then I ever owned in my life on c.d., tape ever 8 track. I works in my car, house, boat, camping. I used my ipod for a bar on random all night. I remember not long ago a 6 c.d. changer in a car was big. I have over 80 in my cup holder now.

The thing I like best is not having songs skip. my ipod is the only way I've ever been able to play music when i run or drive my boat. Even tapes were better, but its getting hard to find players for those even.

Last, Alot of our local bands, are where there are now because there music was free, and easy to find. Not marketing the live music and allowing recording, gave them a huge opportunity to capitalize on concert tickets, live tours, c.d. and merchandise sales at the concerts. Bands like jsb and wassabi would have never become so well know if there music wasn't out there. I'm sure in the long run they have made alot more money, made alot more friends and fans, and done way more concerts then they could have trying to sell cds, and get a payed for the songs. I'm sure the venues and contracts they made by having a reputation based on word of mouth, and other aspects of there music far out weighed anything they could have done otherwise. Almost every time, I see a show line up with a band i never heard of I go online and down load some songs. That was how I first hread of wassabi, JSB, spearhead, Matisyahu and so many others. I also find the fans of bands that aren't about the money, are way more loyal and respectful. People often buy c.d.' mech. from the band, when thy know they could get it for free, or don't want it. I've sold people more then one c.d. at a time, cause they wanted to give them out. and just help the band. And most people who buy the c.d., won;t copy them or up load them out of respect. I personally wouldn't give a copy of JSB's new album out, but i would gladly burn any show online line for anyone, I think most people would agree

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Long live the LP Record.

they take up so much space you don't have room for uselss crap like big screen TVs ad are an event to put on. there's eve a setbreak.

They are intended to be taken care of and thus potentially outlast the careless compat disc.

the Album Art is taken more seriously and more care is put into the packaging, necessitating intent and giving them a secondary se - as decoration or if it has a gatefold - rolling doobies.

Digital music is convenient but how much can convenience remove intent and focus from our minds?

Long live the LP Record. I wish i had my turntable out here.

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fact - all returned cds are destroyed(i'm not talking consumer returns - i'm talking industry returns...several thousand units)

its a demand manufacturing model - make em'- if no one buys them its cheaper to destroy product then to redistribute....take what you will from that.

cdrs are definately an issue - be more discerning in what you "burn". external hds and ipods/mp3 players will eliminate a percentage of this.

fix your ipod, don't throw it out. http://irepair.ca/

this is a great resource - my logic board cost me $80, not $400. plus i kept all my data.

the paper waste in the music retail industry is staggering - take it from one who has worked in it.

finally - who do you think payed for this media? if you look at ly figures compared to ty figures(last year vs. this year) it's quite clear where this industy is going......down the shitter.

i totally believe in supporting new artists, its just a question of how you do it.

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thats what gets me. Everyone knows billions of cds are being waisted each year. tons of waste if created by the whole process.

The companies know there loosing tons of money everyday, but do nothing to fix it. The best thing they have done is get napster shut down, and that was years ago now.

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A few years back, I was driving to the east coast in my RV alone. When I left I put on the cd in the player and chilled. about an hour later when it finnished, I went to grab a new cd. I relized that I forgot all my cds, and ipod at home. I only had the one cd. I was pretty pissed. The radio in the RV is weak, and most of that drive there is no signal even with a good radio. I was going to stop and buy a pile of cds the next morning. While searching for music in the RV, I found a spindle of blank cdr's. I always travle with a laptop and used to have an air card with external antenna in the RV. After a bit i relized i could get onto limewire while i drove. I taped the computer to the dash, and starting downloading albums. I put the 1 cd I had back in, and by the time it was done, the album I was downloading was done. I could make a new cd to play for the next hour and download another album.

I did that the whole way out east. try doing that with cd's

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Another big point is waste. I have probably thrown out over 500 c.d.'s in my life. There were times I would go threw a few new copies of the same c.d. when they would get scratched or old. They were never realistically designed to last or to be durable, if you sit one down on-top of the player its probably gonna get scratched.

Of course, they come with these funny things called "cases" - you may have heard of them. They are designed to hold the CDs in question, so that the discs don't get scratched, dusty, or otherwise damaged.

I've been buying CDs for a little less than 20 years, and the only ones that I have had to throw out were ones that I lent to other people who didn't know how to take care of them properly and returned them to me in shitass, unplayable conditions.

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