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TONIGHT! FUNK 4 FOOD Moses Mayes DJ Andrew Spence @ ELMO

Jay Funk Dawg

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www.nufunk.ca presents...







464 Spadina Ave

Toronto, ON


$8 w/ Canned Food Donation

$10 Advance (Soundscapes/Rotate This)

$12 at the Door

* Food donations go to Serving Charity *


MOSES MAYES (Winnepeg, MB)



Classic funk grooves, slick guitar riffs, punchy horn lines, old school keys and turntable cuts - this is Moses Mayes. A sound defined by the vision of three students of groove that encompasses elements of past and modern funk fusion.

Since 1999, the music of Moses Mayes has been moving people on the dance floor and from their stereos across North America. Their live performances have earned them a reputation as one of the best acts in their scene, playing to festival and club audiences and leading the new funk fusion sound over the last 7 years. Add two full length releases, a three song ep, a Western Canadian Music Award and thousands of sales and you have an accumulation of years of experience in orchestrating grooves and exploring sonic frontiers.

The result, ‘Second Ring’, the third full length album from Moses Mayes produced by veteran dance floor killer Jamie Shields (the New Deal). At the forefront, the classic Moses dance-funk grooves and signature jazz horn playing. In the new, vocals by artists Sherry St.Germain, Ariane Jean and PHATT al, each of whom adds their own flavour to the Moses sound.

The result, a new take on modern dance music, songs that incorporate elements from the genres of funk fusion, jazz, house and pop. It’s time to hit the dance floor with a different sound...the sound of Moses Mayes.


DJ Andrew Spence (Vancouver, BC)

"Saxxin' Scratchin' Body Snatchin'!!" - BREAK BEAT w/ SAX



Spence's skills on the Technics have gained him undeniable respect as one of Canada's top Breakbeat DJs. Now with emerging prowess as a producer and saxophonist, he is rapidly becoming a certifiable triple threat in the modern music scene.

Andrew Spence was born on June 10 in the mid 70s and grew up in Coquitlam BC. He took piano lessons until the age of 13 then switched his focus to the saxophone. Showing natural musical ability, he excelled on the horn and earned awards at national levels for his soloing. In 1988, young Spence picked up his first set of decks and began spinning hip-hop and R&B at house and hall parties. He was truly a wax pioneer in the suburbs of Vancouver. After high school, he drifted away from the saxophone and sold his decks and wax.

The silence didn't last long as Drew found himself hanging around in Vancouver's underground electronic music scene. 1994 rolled around and he was back spinning, only now he was blending up rude electronic rhythms, most notably Breakbeats. In a short time he was playing around Vancouver's warehouse circuit as DJ Slim, a name that fit his slender physique and freestyle mixing technique. Slim quickly became a staple in the electronic music underground by amazing party-goers across Canada and the western U.S. with his deep mixes and furious scratching. With the emergence of pop icons and too many hip hop "Slims" to shake a stick at, he has long since put the DJ Slim moniker to rest and is now billed simply as Andrew Spence or Spence. He remains notorious for delivering intensely skilled DJ performances that shock trainspotters and fellow DJs alike.

In early 2001, Andrew picked up a saxophone for the first time in many years and the reunion has been prolific. He quickly aquired a mic rig and introduced live saxophone into his DJ sets. The result is a stunning performance by a veteran turntable technician and gifted instrumentalist. In the past 6 years Spence has elevated his musicianship through private study, performance, experimentation, and university level scholastics. His sax stylings have been featured on Vancouver house labels Leaf and Village, as well as on the world's biggest Breaks label, Thursday Club Recordings.

Currently, Spence is currently signed as a producer to Toronto's Purephunk Recordings, and now puts out tracks as "SineCircle". He spins for local Breaks squad, 20Hz, among others and is considered a venerable DJ talent from coast to coast and abroad. He plays sax with Vancouver's favorite funk machine, Five Alarm Funk as well as with many other acoustic and electric groups. Spence's future focus will remain on composition, production, and performance in both the electronic and acoustic realms.


YUKA (Toronto, ON)


Yuka is a Toronto based 5 man funk group. The sound and energy Yuka pumps out is surely an organic orgy for the ears. Armed with five extremely talented young musicians, this band has built its reputation on its ability to create new and fresh sounds in a music scene full of recycled ideas. Yuka is best described as a cross-pollination of dirty funk and even dirtier rock and roll. With all its 5 members studying music at Humber College, Yuka's fusion of trumpet, bass, sax, guitar and drums always blows the crowds away with their original funk compositions and inventive pop arrangements. Yuka first started off as a rehearsal band that jammed every week. Within the first few practices though, they realized they had their own original and quirky sound. Unable to confine the music to a practice room, Yuka began performing original funk/rock music across Toronto since early 2006! Based in Toronto, Yuka has played in a variety of venues spanning across the vast city. Always wanting to push the limits of grooviness, these boys have transcended the borders of traditional funk and redefined it in their own terms. Their reputation for lighting up a room with their musical aura has allowed them to share the stage with many of Toronto's musical talents (The Funktion, Stone fox, Goodbye Parker, and Tiny Danza). With an album coming out in the early spring of '07, you'll soon be able to take Yuka home.

this show is produced by:




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