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Kimock with Ratdog!


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he Latest at Dead.Net

Grateful Dead Radio Hour

By David Gans

Just launched on dead.net

Classic episodes of the Grateful Dead Hour, the long-running radio series produced and hosted by David Gans. Every Wednesday, we'll be adding another show from the archives, with exclusive interviews, special features and, of course, plenty of GD music, including many unreleased treasures from the Vault.

This week: the second installment of a four-part series featuring an interview with Steve Parish and the second set of 5/19/74 in Portland.

::Check it out

Taper's Section

By David Lemieux

Don't forget to check in weekly for the latest installment in one of our most popular features: vintage recordings, hand-picked by archivist David Lemieux. Recent highlights include choice stuff from the spectacular 7/16/72 show at Hartford's Dillon Stadium, selections from the Dead's homestand at San Francisco's Orpheum Theatre on the 1976 post-hiatus tour, the 1990 breakout of “Loose Lucy†(after an absence of 15 years and change), and more.

But enough of our yakkin' Go! Listen! Now!

Dead World Roundup

RatDog Guitarist Mark Karan: The Long Road Home

Blair Jackson interviews Ratdog's Mark Karan. Bob Bralove Has Both Hands Full

What's been happening with Bob Bralove?

Help On The Way for RatDog: Kimock Steps In For Karan

When life looks like easy street... well, you know how the rest of that song goes. Catching Up With T.C.

When we reach former Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten on his cell phone in early July...

Phil Keeps It Small, With Big Results

Phil continues his recent trend toward off-the-cuff, under-the-radar shows. Rolling Stone and the Summer of Love

Forum Highlights

Jerry Month:

With August coming up, Jerry Garcia's on everyone's mind more than ever. People are reminiscing, swapping stories, and offering ideas of the best way to spend Jerry Month here. Plans are under way for a Jerry Day celebration in his old neighborhood in San Francisco, which you might want to check out.

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