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Here we go again: RS's Top 'Current' Best Live Bands


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I believe The Police (minus Kanye West) should make the list and my friend told me that Tool put in a stinker of show at their recent Hamilton gig. I'll take #7-12 over most (except #1 or 2) anyday.

1. White Stripes

2. Radiohead

3. Pearl Jam

4. Rage Against the Machine

5. U2

6. Metallica

7. Flaming Lips

8. My Morning Jacket

9. The Hold Steady

10. Arcade Fire

11. The Raconteurs

12. Wilco

13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

14. Red Hot Chili Peppers

15. Gogol Bordello

16. Kings of Leon

17. Muse

18. Dave Matthews Band

19. Tool

20. LCD Soundsystem

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I loved The Raconteurs' Austin City Limits performance and for the life of me, I'll never understand why that particular show limits great live bands like Ryan Adams, The Flaming Lips, My Morning Jacket and The Raconteurs to just 30 minutes. Those were some of the best concerts on that show but were unmercifully shortened.

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Rage Against the Machine have played one gig in 7 years. way to go, Rolling Stone

Glad MMJ is up there, they definitely deserve it.

I've heard from many Tool fans that they absolutely melted everyones faces at the last Montreal show.

Bjork deserves to be #1 with a bullet on that list though.

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The RHCP's put on some brutal concerts thanks to Anthony and his continual pitch problems. Lose him and they are one killer band.

Saw their last Toronto show, and I thought it was awesome. Didn't notice any pitch problems (honestly how many people actually have perfect pitch and could tell that?) The energy of the show was amazing, the lighting was better than I have seen at any other show, and I don't think the crowd would have been so into it (which is what really makes the show) if they didn't have Anthony running around acting like a maniac. Lose him, lose half their fans...

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i stopped listening to them after blood sugar sex magik, a truly awesome album. then frusciante left and it went downhill.

if you can't hear singer dude's pitch problems, well, that's interesting. i've only seen them live on tv specials and award shows and benefits and stuff, but even with big showcase shows he can't hit the limited notes he tries to hit. i don't think it's too much to ask for a professional 'singer' to hit his notes. that's just me and my very limited exposure to the live sounds of RHCP though. perhaps he's much better in the normal concert setting where millions aren't watching.

frusciante and flea and chad are amazing musicians stuck with bad songs.

all just my opinion though.

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About a quarter of this list looks to be about 15 years old! Metallica? RHCP? Pearl Jam? Rage? U2? I agree at a lot of those bands (U2 not being one of them as they are the shittiest stadium show I've ever witnessed - I still have nightmares) are great live but Rolling Stone has their heads stuck in the past and up their asses.

It's great to see bands like MMJ, Hold Steady and Wilco on the list but Yeah Yeah Yeah's? Kings of Leon? These bands are not jaw dropping acts! I love Kings of Leon's albums but their performance at the Kool Haus this year was shit in comparison to other shows I've seen. And who the fuck is Gogol Bordello?!?! First I've ever seen that name... maybe I should watch more MTV Canada?

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Metallica and Pearl Jam put on awesome shows, consistently, throughout their careers. They definitely deserve to be near the top of the list. Agreed about Rage (although in the past they were pretty kickass live), U2, RHCP.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are super good live, not sure they deserve to be on this list, but I guess if a relatively small band the The Hold Steady is on there so can they... Same goes for Gogol Bordello. Very good live show, not great songs though. I don't think they're on MTV. Read about them here.

I wouldn't get too upset about DBT not making the list. You said it yourself, Rolling Stone has their heads stuck up their asses. Springsteen isn't on the list, Bjork isn't there.. There is a lot missing.

Just like any 'best of' list.

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