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Texas is doomed

Kanada Kev

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One of the issues is the fact that this person was appointed to the position. He wasn't elected into it by state educators, coworkers, or the public. There is an agenda that this person will push that will diminish the separation of Church and State. This, in turn, proves to be dangerous to critical thinking, especially when it comes to the sciences. I sure am glad that my kids aren't attending school in Texass.

I particularly liked this response to the article:

While condemning creationism isn’t necessarily anti-religious, it is attacking a religious doctrine that is most definitely anti-intellectual. Without the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy–that the Bible is the literal and inerrant word of God–then we would have very few creationists to worry about.

It is possible to believe in inerrancy and not be a young-Earth creationist, but you have to abandon any simple, literal reading of Genesis to the point that young-Earthers will pour as much scorn on you as they do evolutionists.

And creationists aren’t even consistent in their own beliefs about the inerrancy of the Bible. Where are all the calls for the reintroduction of slavery? Why are supporters of the death penalty (for Biblical reasons) so squeamish about stonings and beatings, which are just as Biblical? Why aren’t they calling for all the gays and lesbians to rounded up and put to death? Why do we always hear that homosexuality is an abomination but never that lying is condemned in just as harsh terms? Why do they rant on and on about the Ten Commandments (most of which are unconstitutional, by the way) and yet we never hear them quote from the Beatitudes (you know, blessed are the meek, the peacemakers, etc.)? One could go on all day.

The doctrine of biblical inerrancy is a sham, practiced properly by almost no one. “We believe the Bible†is just a slogan used as an excuse not to use one’s brain when faced with tough questions about morality, faith, and the world around us.

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