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Pair of 4th row centre BELA FLECK tix for sale!


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What a sweet show on Sunday night. My 4th time seeing the Flecktones and they sounded absolutlely amazing in the Chan Center. The dynamics were very impressive and they had access to so many more sounds when they can play (and be heard) so quietly. It was cool to see Futureman playing a little more 'real' drums and the mix between the Drumitar and the live cymbols was sweet.

Victor's solo(s) was sick as usual. He used a loop station and played, recorded and jammed with 3 separate loops. The last one he just let play for while with a satisfied grin on his face. He looked like he was thinking, 'I can't beleive I just came up with that"

Jeff Cofin had a wicked solo on the Tenor in the first set and his flute chops sound amazing. He did a bit of his standard 'two saxes at once' towards the end of the last set which people always like to see.

Bela was amazing with lighting fast solos, sweet synth pads from his MIDI electric banjo and great facial expressions (especailly during his banjo vs. bass battle with Victor). He played a 15 minute solo at the end the second set in a zillion different styles from Classical to Bluegrass to Celtic to even playing with his nose.

They seemed like they really enjoyed playing at the Chan Center and the crowd was really good. We were actually sitting next to the Bassist from Natalie McMaster's band. I really hope they come back to Vancouver again soon and don't take a 6 years like last time.

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