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**Burt Neilson Band - 'Farewell Mike' show in TO August 9th!!!


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Burt Neilson Band

Rancho Realxo

Thursday August 9th

$10 advance tickets - available at Rancho

We'll miss him.... Mike Filipowitsch will be moving back to Thunder Bay in mid August to finish up his degree at Lakehead. So we figured we'd squeeze one more gig in.

We'll have 100 tickets for sale as of Thursday, with a few more available at the door that night. This will be the last BNB show around these parts for a good while (Thunder Bay may see us sooner!) Come on out and help us send Mike on his way!!

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Todd seemed pretty pumped last night after he got home from jammin with Mike. Definitely looking forward to hearing them this weekend.

Also REALLY hoping that it will be in the cards to make it out to this Burt show. I'm going to have to "fix the deck" for that one...

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[color:red]Gonna be some fuuuuun times....

[color:blue]Let's send Mike (Town Drunk) off w/ a fond farewell.

[color:orange]Also, Mr. Scott Farmer (formerly of BNB) will be bartending... so be sure to tip well! :P

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