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Best "Firemen" all time.

The Chameleon

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I always loved Goose Gossage. Dan Quisenberry scared the hell out of every batter. However, Rollie Fingers is the best since he played in an era where relief pitchers weren't used like they are today, meaning, starters 'actually' pitched (and were expected to pitch) a significant amount complete games.

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all great picks... i like rollie, too... henke was definitely someone you could count on... i wouldnt say these guys were the best of "All-Time", but in "their" time, The Nasty Boys bullpen of late 80's early 90's Reds (Rob Dibble, Norm Charlton, Randy Myers) were a hard throwing force to be reckoned with. mean as piss.

for a dark horse, i think John Smoltz deserves some credit - it's a different mentality going from starter to closer, but he did it flawlessly, and though he only did it for 3 years, he racked up 150 some-odd saves - thats incredible! and now he's back to starting and still pitching great. one of the all-time great pitchers, period.

trevor hoffman deserves a mention, too. total consistency, and hell, he holds the all-time saves record!

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