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i did my first greekfest in toronto this past weekend. and granted, i was only there for about an hour, hour and a half tops. and granted i didn't really see everything. and granted my friends i drove almost 2 hours with traffic to hang with never picked up their phone, forcing me to completely alter my plans. and granted, my retrospective is tainted by the memory of the $30 parking ticket i got when i returned to my car...

that being said, i so wasn't impressed. all the food seemed to be the same thing. kabobs, souvlaki plates, or gyros. a gyro is a meal....how many gyros can a person eat? i had the impression going into it that the taste of the danforth was about selling cheap $1-3 tasting sized versions of what they normally sell. hence the getting to taste the entire danforth. and while i know it's pretty much all greek food, i guess i expected more choice than which type of meat i wanted. there were no bathrooms anywhere, the crowds weren't TOO bad, but there were definitely a few volume delays in pedestrian traffic. and then there were the line ups - some were winding, and 100+ people long. the only things that didn't have line ups were the baklava stands, and the people selling various objects that had seizure inducing rapidly flashing lights shining through their little clear plastic casings.

i might sound like it, but i'm not bitter on greekfest. i just think the same thing a bunch of other people think, it's gotten a bit too big, and more organization needs to happen to accodate a gathering of that many people and have it run smoothly. i'd go again, but i'd either go early in the morning and avoid the crowds and the hot sun since there aren't many places to sit down, or go at night and get wasted so i don't notice the herding of cattle effect of moving from one place to another. oh yeah... and i'd defnitely park somewhere else and take the subway. i knew i should have done that!

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