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Walking on air...one day and then...


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Mellie and I are so very excited to announce that we are expecting our first child. While its still pretty early on we are both over the hills with excitement. Due date is April 17th... we'll keep ya'll updated as things move along...

Well folks, friends, Its hard to describe the feelings that are inside me right now... Mellie and I just got back from the hospital where we learned that we lost the baby... Its a heartbreaking feeling that hurts so much inside but we will win eventually... we will keep on trying... thanks for all the kind wishes everyone... with all our love, Mellie and Bob

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From Facts & Arguments:

People named Dennis or Denise are disproportionately likely to become dentists. People named Lawrence or Laurie are disproportionately likely to become lawyers. . . . As Brett Pelham of State University of New York at Buffalo has shown in dozens of different ways, people are drawn to professions, places and people that remind them of themselves. A thing as seemingly superficial as a name can influence, even if slightly, the course of their whole life (which is why I've named my own children President, Laureate and Hedge Fund Manager)." * A New Zealand couple are looking to call their newborn son Superman - but only because their chosen name of 4Real has been rejected by the government registry. Pat and Sheena Wheaton say they will get around the decision by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages by officially naming their son Superman but referring to him as 4Real.

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Can I give the little mother-fucker his/her first shotgun?

Good for you guys and all the best. Maybe we wont be seeing youse as early as I had hoped!

Based on what I know of you, I have a feeling the baby will arrive 3 days late.

Yeah and quit to go find new parents 3 days after that!

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