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A Music Thread by Secondtube


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I know, I know, its usually fishing....

But this time i have something about music to talk about...

I just picked up tickets to Chick Corea and John McLaughlin at Massey Hall (seperate shows).

Chick Corea is amazing, but pretty straight forward (unless he's playing with the Elektric band), however, John McLaughlin is amazing in any format.

The shows are October of this year (John M) and spring of 2008 for Chick Corea.

Just wanted to let folks know that the amazing John McLaughlin is going to be in town, and pretty soon.

That is all.


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he is amazing.

last time i saw him was with Remember Shakti.

one of the best jazz show's i've ever seen!

I could not agree more. That show was absolutely mind-bending. It was hard to sit there and think that he isn't the best guitarist on the face of the earth. He's so fast, so clean, and his compositions are so interesting. Wow.

I wish I was going but I've given up live music in favour of fishing.

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