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Francis Dunnery: Ottawa house concerts this Friday/Saturday


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From Adrian at Tetra Speakers:

Hi All,

The Saturday night House Concert at JACK's house with Francis is now almost fully booked. For the first time ever Francis has agreed to add a second

night. We now have Friday the 28th to add to the fun. If you have any friends that might be interested please pass this on. And check out the 2 Canadian flags here... http://www.francisdunnery.com/concerts.php

Note that Francis will have a merchandise table (believe me, your going to want some CDs at least) and that all the proceeds from merchandise and

tickets sales go directly to Francis. JACK is putting this on because we love you and we love Francis too!

Reservations: 613/226-3550, adrian.butts@tetraspeakers.com

Tix: $30

Hope you can make it,

JACK (Jena, Adrian, Cameron, and Katie)

More Francis here...


Poster: http://f3.yahoofs.com/users/42f1061dz5aa4124d/a4bcre2/__sr_/b243re2.jpg?ph4Pp.GByVjFKxHK

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