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Ottawaians - Keep a lookout for drums


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Always a bad story when this happens

2 of The Acorn's drummer's drums were stolen on Tuesday.

Tue Sep 25::: drums stolen!

Friends. So, it's finally happened. We had some shit stolen yesterday. While we were loading the van at my house yesterday, someone swiped 2 of Malecki's vintage Tom drums from our lawn. It's incredibly worrisome and disheartening considering that we were in and out of the house bringing gear to the van, and shit wasn't left unattended for more than 45 seconds.

Anyhoo, if you are strolling about Ottawa's pawn shops or used music stores, please keep your eyes peeled for 2, walnut finished, 1970's Gretsch tom drums. One was a rack tom, the other a large floor tom. fookin'ell.

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45seconds my ass.

I was thinking that same thing but refrained from posting it so I wouldn't read as an asshole.

ya everytime i make a post i worry what AD will think.

ad i hope your friends get their shit back even though they are stupid for leaving valuable shit out in the open. ad, i also hope you find time to go fuck yourself.

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