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FREE ticket to John McLaughlin at Massey Hall


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Yep, thats right.

I'm 99% sure I wont be able to make it to Massey Hall as i'm heading up north for the Long Weekend.

The show is on the Friday Night, October 5th.

I'm offering this up now, so that I know the ticket wont go to waste.

Its a single ticket. 2nd row balcony.

Again, its Free.

However, like anything, it has its fine print.

#1) you HAVE to go to the show....no saying, ya i'll take it, then not go.....

#2) you HAVE to give a small report of the show...doesn't have to be huge, just your thoughts.

#3) Bonus points if you have NEVER seen him before....

Again, its not 100%. But i'm 99% sure i wont be able to attend.

I've seen him three times before, all were amazing. The offer i've received for the weekend cannot be turned down....fishing with my dad and best friend trumps a single night to see John McLaughlin....as crazy as that sounds.

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well, its yours.

as long as you go.

i'll pm you this evening, or tomorrow at the latest to let ya know 100%.

we are just waiting on confirmation from the cottage we are planning on staying at....as soon as we are confirmed to stay, i'll confirm with you that the ticket is yours....

i'm glad to know it wont go to waste....have you seen him before? (not that it matters)

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well, he has no opener...

he's playing with the 4th dimension, which i know NOTHING about....dont know if they are fusion orientated, modern jazz, or old school jazz.

the shows generally start around 8pm. i'll confirm what the ticket says when i get home.

they never have two sets, and very rarely play longer than 2 hours.

john mclaughlin is my favorite jazz guitar player...he's a master..only metheny, that i've seen, can be spoken in the same breath.

you'll have a great time....just go in with an open mind....hell, its free...how can you go wrong, lol.

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Better late than never.... I am finally fulfilling my end of the deal (sorry for the lateness secondtube)

#2) you HAVE to give a small report of the show...doesn't have to be huge, just your thoughts.

Here goes;

I arrived one or two songs in and headed for the balcony where I was met by the usher, he told me to sit anywhere I wanted because my seats were in the middle of the crowd and he wasn't going to walk me through the crowd. (fair enough)

Initially, I sat on the rail directly to stage right, after realizing that I couldn't see the drummer and the right handed bass player, I decided to swoop around to the direct opposite side where I had a clear view of the drummer and was basically looking over JM.

I have a limited knowledge of what JM has done in the past, basically limited to Mahavishnu Orchestra and other solo recordings from the late 60's early 70's where he was ripping through what seemed to be endless guitar licks.

I guess that is kind of what I expected going in and on this particular night, was underwhelmed (if thats a word...)

JM did just seem to sit back and watch his masterpiece of a band that he put together tear the hall a new one.

His young bass player (that could have been his grandson) absolutely ran a muck on that bass when he was in the limelight.

The drummer was incredible, I tend to be drawn to the drummer when I see music and this guy did not disappoint when he was in the limelight.

The 2nd drummer(tiny kit)/keys player was cool, his keys were kind of un-noticable throughout, but his percussion definitely added to the mix, he did have a fun interaction with the #1 drummer for a brief time that I think eventually went on for too long.

Overall, it was a solid show with great musicians, I didn't really feel that the band flowed together as one though and when the individuals weren't peddling their individual talents to the audience it was what I would call, a psychedelic smooth jazz show.

On that note, I would like to thank secondtube again for the opportunity to experience such a legend at such a steal of a deal and I look forward to somehow getting back at you down the road.

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