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Roll Call: Wassabi Collective @ Mavericks (Ott.) tonight


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Yeah' date=' but Mayes was done and Wassabi was already way into Set I by the time we got there.........


aaaand....so this is somehow their fault that you missed half the show and were "overcharged"?

No much like this time there is no advertised price for admission so therefore people have to travel there to find out (until HG's post). If I had known it was $15 I would not have taken a cab there from the Bluesfest site.

There were also 6 of us together and we were told that the first set had "just started". If their first sets are typically two songs and 15 minutes, then yes it had just started.

Are we fighting again P?

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I think Wassabi Collective is a great band and are worth $15 to see.

I experience this all the time... Sometimes when the cover is only $5 and people complain that is too much money. People generally just don't think musicians should make any money... It is pretty much $15 for two pints of beer - which has an enjoyment of about 15 mins each.. where as a concert usually last 2.5 hours w/ set break, opener etc...

I think that when you look at how the music market is working right now... $15 is a steal! Ben Harper tickets for Tonight are about $60 a pop!

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