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Favourite Superficial Blurbs


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from theSuperficial. Post your favourites.

Playboy has offered Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards $1 million to pose nude – together. I’ll pause for a moment and allow the rush of blood to return to your brain. The Sun has the details on the potential boob-sandwich:

"Neither Pam nor Denise has committed yet, but they're seriously considering it." Pammi met Denise on the set of Blonde And Blonder last year, where they became friends.

Someone needs to give Hugh Hefner the Congressional Medal of Honor today. Like right now. Sure Pamela Anderson is looking a bit rough these days, but that’s why Jesus stepped down from the heavens and gave us Photoshop. He bestowed upon us a gift that makes older women with ridiculous breasts look smoking hot. And now Hugh Hefner is using that miraculous gift to put two smoking hot chicks together – with their boobs out. Why didn’t someone tell me church was so awesome?

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pfft, I'm sure Guigsy airbrushing MarcO and Booche would be a lot hotter than those two elderberry scented twinkling bimbo bints

Do mean that the resulting airbrushed photo would be hot, or that you think watching Guigsy do the airbrushing (either airbrushing a photo of MarcO and Booche, or actually airbrushing them, live) would be hot?



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