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Why I Love The Sisters Euclid


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Anything can happen at the Orbit Room on Monday nights, and most often, it does happen...and when a member is celebrating his 17th year of marriage it only adds to the surprises and truly amazing evenings of live music.

I don't even care what they play anymore 'cause it's all good ;) so when an old gem comes out of the bag like Galveston followed by a song that the band spent three minutes learning before the evening began it is such a treat to experience this most Mondays of any given week...

Same story as always...click on the link, click on the banner for David Drage and then click on the picture of the Sisters to hear a smokin' gem from last night!

And as always, ENJOY! :o

Led Sisters

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Sorry, new audio is up...Tumbleweed Tea was from a few weeks ago... :blush:

I wondered about that, even to the point of refreshing the pages a few times.

I'm well into it now. Let me know when their LZ tribute album comes out. Maybe have it done with Folk Alarm along for the ride for the acoustic tunes...

Will SE be at The Orbit Room on Monday, Oct. 29? I'll be town for Ween on Oct. 26, and I'm thinking of staying through the weekend and into the week for JSB (Saturday), Sisters Euclid (Monday), and then Mr. Something Something (Wednesday).



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