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nero in Ottawa in January, 2008


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I just got the latest e-mail from neroboy, in which it is written

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me supreme pleasure to announce a pair of upcoming nero shows. Following up the great weekend of music we experienced last year, nero will once again host two nights of fun and excitement at Mavericks in Ottawa on January 25/26, 2008.

Openers and ticket information will follow soon in a more detailed mailout. We here at Camp nero are so excited about this we couldn't wait to let y'all know.

Counting the days,


(Velvet, I apologize if this post scooped an announcement you were planning to make here, but I'm just keeping with the so-excited/couldn't-wait motif.)



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Pretty nice way to celebrate Brad!!

Good call...

Even better: in 2007, the shows were on Jan. 12/13. In 2008, they'll be on Jan. 25/26, which is after the "true" date of your anniversary, so you can celebrate twice: once on the "day" of the wedding, and again during the "show" of the wedding.



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