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so I can't make it to my riding in Toronto tonight but I have my id and a piece of mail that matches my id (which incidentally is from what would be my parents Chatham riding) am I skewing the vote by voting in a different riding even though I know nothing about the local candidates? Am I going to be aloud to vote? Anyone have any answers before I head out to try my luck?

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Has anybody else hit any snags when voting? I received my "Notice of Registration", and had it with me (and my passport, and my hydro bill, and my bank statement) when I went, but after checking in and going to my polling booth's table, they couldn't find my name on their list. Apparently this was the second time that had happened at that booth today. They directed me back to the main table (with a couple who had the same problem close on my heels), brought over the head guy, who was puzzled, and all involved had no idea what had(n't) happened.

It all worked out OK (I filled out the form they use for people who haven't been registered), but I'm still at a loss as to how this could have happened. I'd think they'd have a list of voters, and from that, mail out "Notice of Registration" cards and generate lists of registered voters. How could a voter get sent a card but not be on the list? (I'll be phoning Elections Ontario tomorrow; I contemplated phoning them tonight, but there's no immediate issue, and it would just keep one of their operators busy.)

(Note that I've lived at my present address for over 10 years now, and have voted [without a problem] in every federal, provincial, and municipal election in that time.)



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