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Jer's Wedding...Burt Neilson Band 10-07-07


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I haven't been around a computer for a while, so I thought that I would post about Jer's Wedding last Sunday evening at the Eglinton Theatre in Toronto.

It was one of the best weddings I have EVER been too. There were around 250 guests, they had a band playing during the prossesion, who played the Theme from Family Ties and many other perfect wedding songs and even teased Stairway to Heaven when Jer was comming down the isle! The ceremony was beautiful, Jer and Amy both looked amazing.

After cocktail hour, it was time for the party (and to eat dinner) The rest of the Burties, M, Scott Farmer, myself and our dates all sat at table 23...our slogan was 'pace yourself table 23!!'

Dinner was great. During the break between each course, The wedding band, featuring Sandy of One Step Beyond fame, would rock the house with killer tunes. They kept the crowd dancing all night.

Later in the evening, the Burties took the stage for three songs. They did a super version of Don't Do It, In the Belly and then later came out and played Funkin' Shoes (for the firt time in years)

Best wishes go out to Jer and Amy. Thanks for all the booze, and all the fun. It was great to get the old gang together and party down.

All the best to you in the future.

Burt Neilson Band


Don't Do It

In the Belly

Funkin' Shoes!!!

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When they played it their last show, Shelby sang and they had a ton of guests. This was classic old school burt (they were as messed up as they used to get!!!)

I am happy to report that table 23 were all champions that night and we all ended up boozing until daybreak!!

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Hey Cully... it was Pete, Doug, Gav and myself who played the theme to Family Ties - 58 sec version. You must've given up on the pacing early in the evening......like myself.

Tons of fun.... the wedding band was 'Soular'... and they were fuckin awesome. Makes me wanna play a BNB show....

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