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Do Make Say Think Live at Mavericks OCT 18th


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moved to mavericks. original venue tickets will be honoured.

mavericks stage is 21' wide by 16' deep

barrymore's stage is 22.5' wide by 16' deep

approximate set times

8pm doors

9-9:45 Jetplanes

10:15-12:00 DMST

will probably push back by 15 mins but get there early nonetheless

be prepared to have your mind melted

still tickets left at End Hits, Vertigo and all Ticketmaster outlets

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i am not a fan of the venue and i gotta save my show-going cash for neil. yes, i think it will be worth it. i've seen DMST many times and have no doubts i'll see them many times in the future.

all y'all should get your tickets ASAP; no doubt it will sell out very fast in the new venue. i'd be shocked if this didn't sell out.

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Their latest release has 3 songs with vocals. Really well done, I think. I've only seen them sing/chant live since that record came out, so twice now. It's nice to see an instrumental band incorporate vocals in the same manner they would any other instrument.

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