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Blanehouse on the move...again


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kev, still in Dakar (sitting on my balcony right now, under a palm tree, enjoying my 2nd last day of warmth). I've already accepted the violent illness which is bound to befall me upon landing in cold, wet montreal. Luckily I'll have some Ukrainian borscht to soothe my soul. ;)

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well, just like that, I feel like I'm truly READY to leave. Like I've experienced the full Dakar experienced.

I just got mugged in the street.

Well, not exactly in the street, but in a taxi cab, by stupidly having my guard down to one of the oldest tricks in the Dakar scam book by following a stranger onto a strange street.

Luck was kinda on my side though, as I lost a total of about 12 bucks, though I was carrying close to 300 (another stupid thing that i NEVER usually do). The only smart thing I did in the whole deal was to put my big money into a different pocket than my money for spending. More of an embarassment/irritation than a real problem.

And there i was not 45 minutes early congratulating myself on having gotten through my stay without falling victim to any of the street hustles.

Ah well, thought it made for an interesting bookend to my "leaving Senegal" thread.

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