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Harry Manx & Kevin Breit dates!


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Pulled from Kevin Breit's MySpace page (which I just found out existed):


9 - Burlington, VT

10 - Brownfield, Maine

26 - Elliot Lake, ON

28 - London, ON (Aolian Performing Arts Centre)

29 - Brampton, ON (Rose Theatre)

30 - Peterborough, ON (Market Hall - Folk Under The Clock series)


5 - Sherbrooke, QC

6 - St. Hyacinthe, QC

15 - Quebec City, QC

The Peterborough show is on a Friday and I think I'll definitely be heading up for that.. What better excuse to visit the best town in Ontario? I'm already drooling about breakfast at East City Diner.

I may go to the Brampton show as well.. A lot of it depends on ticket prices, as I'm a broke student once again now.


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Tickets for the Brampton show come to $33.21 by going through the Rose Theatre's site.

Tickets for the Peterborough show through the Showplace Theatre's website come to $30.25.

Both of the venue websites, as well as Harry's site, do not reflect that Kevin Breit is to perform. However, Kevin Breit's MySpace page says he is performing. Anyone have any insight about that? (Can'O?)

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Nov 29 - Brampton

I: Ruben's Train, Only Then WIll Your House BeBlessed, Bring That Thing, Down The Dirt Road, Take This Hammer, Voodoo Chile, ?, I'm On Fire

II: Sometimes, Death Have Mercy, Bottom of the Hill, Tijuana, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues, A Single Spark, Swim Don't Float, Coat of Mail

E: Crazy Love

Nov 30 - Peterborough

I: Ruben's Train, Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed, Down The Dirt Road, Take This Hammer, Voodoo Chile, Sometimes, In Good We Trust

II: Itchy Knees & Elbows*, Bring That Thing*, Tijuana*, Death Have Mercy, I'm On Fire, Coat of Mail, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues, ?

E: Gujari Todi

* w/ Carlos Del Junco on harp

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