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Habs - Sens thread


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Well, you showed some life so why cant they?

Good for you and your nap.

I hope the boys make it worthwhile but they keep giving up the puck far easier than normal and they cant seem to generate any speed. Props to the Sens. They are playing a smart hockey game. From time to time the Habs are trying to stretch the play and I have been cringing because this is the last team you want to do that against.

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Great powerplay buddy.

Kovalev did the Habs proud with his puck control and then his finish (which probably shoulda been saved but I aint looked at the replay).



Spezza just scored. This is insane.


Bouncy juicey newbie rebound from Price to Spezza's stick. The Habs could use another power-play. Get Neil on the ice!

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Shitty loss. The top line for the sens is scary good and the habs couldn’t pass out of their own end. Was anyone watching the game on the local ottawa channel? Holy fack, those two sling some stupid shit. Apparently Fisher has a 95mph wrist shot and Price can't be used to shots like that since Souray is no longer with the team. Comical in a I'm gonna kick you in the throat kind of way.

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