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Swifty lynching - October 27th 7:30PM


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Even if he didn't lie about Ween he still deserves it.

This also provides a value-added service to Swifty: by punishing him before he actually does something (i.e., when he doesn't deserve it), it'll mean he gets to do something equally heinous in the future without having to worry about getting punished, as the penalty he'd get has already been pre-inflicted.



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That's some quality humour there swifty. Here's one I heard the other day on Letterman or something:

Set up: Bob Dylan died today!

Punchline: Actually, he didn't!

Guy told me this one yesterday:

Set up: I was just diagnosed with leukemia.

Punchline: No, I wasn't really!

(that one still cracks me up - I'm giggling right now)

Here, I just made one up:

Set up: That Swifty really knows how to set the message board on fire!

Punchline: Naw, he's just being a fuckin' idiot!

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wow, never seen people get so out of sorts for such an obvious joke.

who is worse, the person who says an obvious and cliche joke, or the person who responds with name calling?

(mind you, that swifty bastard can be a real ass!)

I wouldn't have participated in the lynching thread if I didn't believe it was all a big joke--I mean, c'mon, what's funnier than a lynching?!

I'll tell you what's funnier than a lynching--a staged lynching with witty commemorative t-shirts for sale! Yeah, baby!

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how does putting that post up deserve being called an asshole? harsh.

hmmm...let's see...cuz it's something an asshole would do? and i really wouldn't make a thing of it but you are seemingly wanting to continue making a thing of it.

would you be happier with the word "ass" instead of asshole? same difference to me here. ok, he's an ass. are you better?

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