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Ween... some thoughts...

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a times, especially in the begining, i thought they were sloppy.

the show started strong... then the energy was alittle down (i think the slopppyness of some songs did it) .... and then got incredible towards the end.

Their live show doesn't hold a candle to their albums... but they are one the best albums out there.. so its understandable.

the show is a run through of favorites and a run through of WEEN songs is amazing anyway you shake it.... the song writing is amazing.

do u think the show was MINDBLOWING... not at all... just a really fun time... one of the better shows i've seen all year... and they through in some cool jamming towards the end.

at around the 11:15 mark... for a band that hates moe. ... their jam sounded alot like em.

thanks to c-towns for the ticket and the beer...

my girlfriend and i got into a fight and spent the show apart... so PISS UP A ROPE was definitely my highlight. ;)

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The Baroque Jam


Take Me Away

Transdermal Celebration

Wavin' My Dick in the Wind

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Bananas and Blow

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Piss Up a Rope


The Mollusk

Touch My Tooter

Stroker Ace

Fat Lenny

The Argus

Roses Are Free

Spirit Walker

Push th' Little Daisies

My Own Bare Hands

Woman and Man

Buckingham Green


HIV Song


Dr. Rock

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thanks for the setlist, basher. i really liked the show and had a great time. was fun to hear so many of the new tunes, especially Your Party and Spirit Walker. (I really wanted to hear Friends, but what can ya do?) Daisies is an old favourite, so I liked that a lot.

personally, i think its a bit unfair to compare the live performance of a song to the album version. of course the album version is going to be less "sloppy". given the party that was going on there, I didnt mind them being loose at all. pretty decent club too, I'd never been there before.

two costumes worth note: Tasha was a hot Magenta from Rocky Horror and a couple of other people I dont know were dressed as Bananas and Blow.

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Ween at the Docks on the 26th- 2007- some random shots form the back

thanks dave- the costume was fun- best cosume should have went to Mister will you please help my Pony by Fairy Sari- by far. hope you can post some pictures of that missy!

But many good ones of not.

By the way- who ever gave me the random ass pince in the evening- thanks for the thrill girlie!

Nice to see all you folks.

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I have seen about ten Ween shows and I thought this on was top notch and balls to the wall.

Great jams, heavy guitar duels and all the songs i wanted to hear including Bananas and Blow.

Ween is one of the few bands around these days that I would follow on the road.

Those guys delivered in a huge way last night. Glad I was there for a packed show...

Insane setlist too....


P.S. Ween live shows have nothing to do performance wise with their studio albums. It's a completely different experience....that's why it's live. Otherwise just put on the record.

Also was it just me or did it seem that Gene has beefed up?

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I had a wicked time last night! my only wish was that the venue was a little larger to accomodate the crowd!

i think an honourable mention for the best costume award should go out to c-towns, the kokanee rep. Sorry for repeatedly yanking on your stash buddy, but damn! You pull off creepy alarmingly well. :o

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I thought it was a great show..superpacked...but a happy crowd.

I LOVED livingstoned leading unsuspecting strangers to see the "best costume" in the place...which was a fake bush in the far back corner.The look on their faces trying to understand AND be polite almost made me puke laughing.

Thanks to Fairy Sari and questcequecest? for hooking up one of the funniest car rides ever.Who knew aloe vera and wheatgrass juice tasted like pussy?

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who woulda thought someone else's car ride would also involve the taste of pussy?

i had tons of fun at this show - i'd agree that it was a little loose at times, but it was a pretty rockin' party - and the setlist was aces! great times with everyone in skank central...

i thought lauzon rocked it out, too, and 1017 was HOT! awesome night all over the place. everyone give yourself a pat on the back...

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I had a great time on Friday. Ween was great but I do have some complaints. For a show that size it would have been nice to be at a theatre or something. The place was packed and the only room to breath was at the back. In the back you could barely see the stage. Otherwise it was a fun show.

I really had a good time seeing Dave though. Great show!

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