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Stop the presses– Drunk people found in bar

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Oliver's Pub, Carleton University's main bar, will lose its licence to serve alcohol for 40 days, starting Thursday.

The suspension was handed down by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario after enforcement officials "found drunken patrons in the establishment" on four separate dates and once found patrons being served alcohol while already "showing signs of intoxication." The offences, which were admitted to by the bar's management in an agreed statement of facts, took place during a period of just more than five months, ending in April of this year. [...] Despite this, she also said she could hardly be shocked at what happened.

"To find that there were drunk people in a bar? Was I shocked? Well, I don't know. Do you find it shocking?" she said.

From the Ottawa Citizen

full story

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yeah earth shakin' news indeed..... :P

but something's going on tho

I've seen more suspension notices slapped on the front doors of establishments in my area (Kingston/Westport/Smiths Falls) in the past couple of months than I've seen in years. Either the law has changed or the enforcement level has been cranked way up and no one told the managers...or they did and they ignored it.

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I remember being at the Heart and Crown in the Market (Ottawa) a few years ago and there were undercover police officers in there arresting people for being drunk. No, I'm serious. These were plain clothes officers taking people out of the bar who were being a little too revelrous for the officers' liking. Being that I was, uuhhhh, a little lubricated at the time, I was kind enough to tell the officers my opinions of that particular exercise, using the phrase "Way to go, tough guy" more than once. Good times.

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