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Not all players happy with RBK Edge.


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You won't be able to tell from the stands, but the Senators are expected to be wearing new jerseys tonight.

It's getting to the point where you can't tell the jerseys without a program.

The Senators are set to be the first team to wear the new modified Rbk Edge jerseys vs. the Atlanta Thrashers.

After numerous complaints from players, Reebok has made available another version of the controversial new jerseys, offering one without moisture-repelling treatment.

The much-hyped treatment apparently had the opposite effect: Players actually wound up wetter and heavier than ever.

The moisture-repelling feature didn't absorb moisture from the outside, but it didn't let sweat out, either. It was running down arms and legs and into gloves and skates.

Guess that really made them sweaters.

The Senators are expected to be the first team to get the new togs and they'll be welcome.

"I'll be switching for sure," said defenceman Chris Phillips. "My gloves and skates were never so wet."

There have also been issues with the durability of the new jerseys.

Here's what Reebok had to say about the situation:

"After working with NHL players, teams, and equipment managers to gather feedback on the Rbk Edge uniform system, Reebok has decided to provide an alternative jersey to the players who request it.

"Many NHL players are satisfied with the current Rbk Edge jersey, but since the start of the season we have received player feedback about the jersey's moisture management and durability. Based on this feedback, Reebok will provide players with the option to wear a version with slight sizing and fabrication adjustments.

"In the alternate version, one fabric has been replaced with an air-knit fabric and the bead-away water repellency technology has been removed ...

(So now they're pretty much like the, uh, old jerseys?)

"There will be no visual difference between the jerseys. The newly designed comfort necklines, jersey cut lines, anatomical fit and team designs will remain identical. Retail versions of the jersey also will remain unchanged."

So, just why was the switch made in the first place?

Oh, yeah, "player safety."

I think that's spelled $afety.

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