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Favorite Albums of 2007


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Well the only other records that I know are coming out by the end of the year that I want to hear is Cat Power - Covers II and the new Wu-Tang. I don't think either will make my list so I'm posting mine now.

1. Okkervil River - The Stage Names

2. Jason Isbell - Sirens of The Ditch

3. White Stripes - Icky Thump

4. Mother Mother - Touch Up

5. Magnolia Electric Co. - Sojourner

6. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock

7. Dinosaur Jr. - Beyond

8. The Sadies - New Seasons

9. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky

10. Band of Horses - Cease To Begin

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KevO, have you seen Russian Futurists live? The dude is coming to Brantford in a few weeks. I haven't heard Our Thickness is it much different then the songs up on Myspace?

I haven't seen him (them?) live before, nope.. Hoping to at the Drake here in Toronto though in a few weeks. On the MySpace site, there are 2 tracks from Our Thickness.. 'Paul Simon' is the title track and 'STill Life' is on it too. I can't listen to the other two though - shitty internet connection!

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in no particular order ...

White Stripes - Icky Thump

Stars – In Our Bedroom After The War

Stars – Do You Trust Your Friends

Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha

Rick White Album – Memoreaper

Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Feist – The Reminder

Björk - Volta

LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (late ’06, honourable mention)

Radiohead – In Rainbows

R.E.M. – R.E.M. Live

Britney Spears - Blackout

and yes, im like totally bummed that Cher didnt release an album this year ...

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Man sometime I really should bring a bottle of bourbon down and we'll hang out some night New Rider.

My list is the exact same as yours, save the Isbell which I am not sold on yet. I would stick Elliot Smith "New Moon" in there.........


ps. The Dylan tribute "I'm Not There" seems like it could make some lists when its released.

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Akron/Family - Love Is Simple

The National - Boxer

Field Music - Tones of Town

Iron & Wine - The Shepherd's Dog

Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times

and the one I'm really digging right now: Wintersleep - Welcome To The Night Sky

Wilco, Ryan Adams, Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Miracle Fortress all get honourable mentions. I thoroughly enjoyed their releases, but none of them got as many spins as those above.

This is all subject to change at any given moment.

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I'm surprised to see The Stage Names at the top of your list. I like it, but think it was a disappointing follow up to Black Sheep Boy (which I thought was absolutely brilliant).

Also surprised to see Ashtray Rock, which I thought was complete garbage.

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