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Random Hockey Pic/Vid

Kanada Kev

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So how do you post pics anyway? :confused: :confused:

You first need to have the URL to the picture (which has to exist somewhere on the web; if all you have is a picture file sitting on your hard drive, you're out of luck); it'll probably end in ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".gif". For example, here's a URL to a picture of a couple of polar bears with hockey sticks:


If you click on that, you should see the picture.

Once you have a picture's URL, you can embed the image itself in a post by putting the URL between "image" and "/image" tags, both between square brackets ("[" and "]"). (Above the text box where you enter a post, there are two lines each of which has six little graphics in squares; the 4th one from the left (which has what looks like a little mountain with a sun in it) is the "Image" shortcut: click on it, and put the URL in the dialog box that comes up, and it does the same thing.)


If you quote this post, and look at what's quoted, you'll see how to do it.

There are a couple of ways to get a URL for a picture. If you're looking at a web page with a picture in it and right-click on the image, you should see a menu with a "Copy Image Location" (in Firefox) or "Copy Shortcut" (in Internet Explorer) item in it. Click on that menu item, and the URL is copied to your clipboard, ready for pasting in. Alternately, if you use Google image search to find a bunch of images, when you click on one of them, there'll be a "See full-size image" link at the top of the image's page. Right-click on this to bring up the menu, and use the "Copy Link Location" / "Copy Shortcut" item to get the image's URL.



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