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No middle name


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Why don't you just steal one of your brother's?

It only seems fair...it's not like he NEEDS two...maybe that was an accident, on the part of your parents? One of the names was meant for you!

I was given initials that spell "JAM".

Oh and I went to school with a guy whose name was Justin Case.

And that's all I have that's even vaguely relevent to this topic..and the connection is tenuous, at best..

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Same with me and a lot of others born in NB

i don't know where you were born but if it was NB that was common .

Actually my problem was the name I was going by wasn't on my birth certificate.I had to go through the change of name legally to fix it.

I did and now I have a middle name also!!!

I never even knew this until I was 19 years old and applied for a birth certificate.

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Many people have suggested many names for me Bradm, and Joseph is thus far the kindest.

I won't risk stealing one of my brothers middle names 'cuz one of them is Leslie. Plus he's bigger than I am.

I wasn't born in NB (my brother was), but I am of NB parentage. Maybe that has something to do with it.

And no AD, that doesn't count. Matter of fact, going by your middle name is the problem, 'cuz I don't have that option!

Maybe I'll ask for a middle name for xmas. Though I will admit, theer is something a tad unique about not having a middle name that I sometimes like, kinda like when I decided not to have laser surgery on my eyes. I dunno.

I sure do like to bitch about stuff though!

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