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Ten Years Ago...


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DSO formed and started playing the music of my favourite band The Grateful Dead :)



On a chilly November night in Chicago some ten years ago, Dark Star Orchestra was born. Having been conceived only weeks earlier in a series of phone calls, meetings and rehearsals, the whole thing was an experimental lark for the musicians involved. They all had their own bands and day jobs. No one was anticipating a decade long commitment which would entail criss-crossing the country with an ever expanding family of friends and fans. No one could have imagined playing a Rex foundation benefit (an anachronism itself at the time,) much less having Rex board of director Bob Weir alongside them on stage (Thanks again, Bobby!). No, back then DSO was just a side project, an entertaining diversion, a pony ride.

As it turned out, the beast had legs, lurched out of the gate and took off on a long run. Ten years later it still shows no sign of slowing down even after some heartbreaking stumbles. Join us on The Tenth Anniversary Tour starting November 8th on the East coast. On November 11th we will celebrate the actual anniversary at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont and on November 17th we take part in the Public Symposium on Grateful Dead music, culture and memory at UMASS in Amhurst. Thanksgiving weekend will be celebrated in New York City once again and The Bridge opens the shows at 9:30 Club in Washington DC and the NorVA in Norfolk plus plenty of shows up and down the seaboard. Come on out and celebrate!


some local (sorta) shows coming up...

Sat Nov 10 - Dibden Performing Arts Center

337 College Hill, Johnson, VT



Sun Nov 11 - Higher Ground Ballroom

1214 Williston Rd. South, Burlington, VT

Tue Nov 13 - Higher Ground Ballroom

1214 Williston Rd. South, Burlington, VT

Wed Nov 14 - Higher Ground Ballroom

1214 Williston Rd. South, Burlington, VT

Thu Nov 15 - Smith Opera House

82 Seneca Street, Geneva, NY

Fri Nov 16 - Lowell Memorial Auditorium

50 E. Merrimack St., Lowell, MA

Unbroken Chain: The Grateful Dead in Music, Culture and Memory - A Public Symposium

Sat Nov 17 - Amherst Fine Arts Center

North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA

check out the full schedule here

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Does anyone know if they still try to play a different show from the Grateful Dead's archives every night or have they started doing the same performances?

For example have they ever played 5.8.77 more than once?

yes they repeat shows

they started doing so back in 2003

and yes 5.8.77 has been recreated more than once

4 times in fact

5/8/1977 Barton Hall, Cornell U, Ithaca, NY

Show 1394: 5/8/2007 State Theater, Ithaca, NY

Show 1086: 6/4/2005 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA

Show 912: 3/6/2004 Park West, Chicago, IL

Show 122: 2/5/1999 Martyrs', Chicago, IL

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