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Lunch in Sandy Hill

Ms Zimmy

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I work at the University of Ottawa and I am dying to find some good lunch spots. Anyone know where I can get some good sushi? Maybe a bagel shop? (I'm not much into pubs which is mostly what I've found around here).

I go to Perfection Satisfaction Promise once in while, they have great soups..great everything.

Anyways, I don't know Sandy Hill very well so any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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I live in Sandy Hill. It's not great variety wise when it comes to food. It's mostly pubs as you've discovered... Urban Well, Moon Dog, Friends and Sons, Drumlins, Royal Oak.

There's a new shawarma place next to Friends and Sons if you're into that.

Govinda's on Somerset offer a great vegan buffet for $8 ($5 for students) but I don't think they do lunch.

Eclectic Noodle, a little further down will give you some pasta options but maybe a little pricey for lunch.

I've never tried Acadie House, or Maison, or whatever it's called but it looks even worse than a pub. Same for University Tavern.

Really, you'll have to venture to Rideau street to find anything out of the ordinary.

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