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Cover tunes you'd like to hear.....


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I dare this mystery band to play any of these classics:

Maggot Brain - Funkadelic

Marquee Moon - Television

Kick Out The Jams - The MC5

Loose - The Stooges

Hellhound on My Trail - Robert Johnson

Young Man Blues - Who version

Ball & Biscuit - The White Stripes

Lay Low - My Morning Jacket

Mantra Slider - The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

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I would like to hear the chest fever that was cruelly cut off 2 years ago at lose yer shoes.

THe intro was played' date=' everyone got pumped up, and then bam power was cut, night over, bummer.[/quote']

Good call!

Anything by The Band would go over well with me.


As well;

Torn & Frayed

Bad Side of the Moon

Bell Bottom Blues

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Samson and Delilah - GD

Franklin's Tower - GD

Tangled Up In Blue - Dylan

Wondering Where the Lions Are - Bruce Cockburn (That would be really sweet, one of my favorite tunes, I don't think I've ever heard it covered)

Sample in a Jar - Phish

Runnin Down a Dream - Tom Petty

Rocky Racoon, by some 60's band

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